Empire of Bethonia

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Empire of Bethonia
Flag of Empire of Bethonia
Coat of arms of Empire of Bethonia
Coat of arms
Motto: Science Education Freedom
LocationThe Empire of Bethonia has no current territorial claim
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• Head of State
His Imperial Majesty the Emperor
• Head of Government
His Imperial Majesty the Emperor
LegislatureEmperor, Imperial Senate, Imperial Parliament
Establishment8th November 2012
CurrencyAustralian Dollar
de facto
Time zone(UTC+10:00)

The Empire of Bethonia is a new country project and micronation founded on the 8th of November, 2012. The Empire operates a small embassy in Far North Queensland, Australia, and currently has no territorial claims. It is, however, within their Constitution to obtain a territory - through peaceful means - where its citizen can live in freedom.

Government and politics

The Imperial Parliament of the Bethonian Empire is comprised of two Houses. The Imperial Senate and the People's Council.
Due to being newly established, the Empire of Bethonia is currently being administered solely by His Imperial Majesty the Emperor.


The Emperor is both the Head of State as well as the Head of Government. The role of the Emperor is to maintain and uphold the laws of the Constitution. He also sits as chairman of the Imperial Senate.

Imperial Senate

The Imperial Senate is composed of the Emperor, nine Royal Senators, and twelve Elected Senators. The Imperial Senate also serves as the Executive.

Royal Senators - These are Dukes and Duchesses that are chosen by the Emperor to serve for life.
Elected Senators - These members are elected by the citizens and serve for four years.

The Constitution gives the Imperial Senate twenty special legislative powers to which they can make laws without the People's Council. The Emperor is also given special legislative power over science and education. This does not mean that the People's Council cannot propose laws on these powers, but that if there is any inconsistency, the former shall prevail.

People's Council

The People's Council is comprised of all eligible citizens of the Empire. It is not compulsory to be on the People's Council if a citizen does not wish to be. Also, those who are on the People's Council are not required to vote on a proposed law if they do not wish to. Voting in the People's Council is on a majority of those who did vote.


The Judiciary of the Empire is held by the Imperial Court of Bethonia and is separate from both the Legislature and Executive. It is the function of the Imperial Court to interpret and apply the laws of Bethonia as well as ensuring the constitutional validity of laws made. The Court consists of a Chief Lord/Lady and two other Lords/Ladies.


Apart from a small embassy located in Far North Queensland (Australia), the Empire of Bethonia has no territorial claims. The Empire is constituted to establish a territory. However, it will not be gained through the force or violence of the Empire or its citizens. The location of the Empire is a matter that shall be discussed and decided upon by the Imperial Parliament.

Foreign Relations

The Bethonian Empire welcomes any diplomatic relations with like-minded nations. The Department of Foreign Affairs can be contacted at [1]dofa@bethonia.com

External links

Website [2] www.bethonia.com