Empire of ClockCrew

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Empire of ClockCrew
  • The Clocktopian Empire (prs)
    konig der ClockenReich (de)
    Künnickrejsch Clockien (ksh)
    Royaume de ClockCrew(fr)
    Reino de Clocktopia(es)
The clockcrew's national flag h2.5 look.png
National Flag (Symbols)

National Anthem:
Clocktopia, Our Great land
Strawberry Clock is the King of the Portal.
Capital Clocktopia

Official languages English, Clocktopian,
two others co-official

Denomyn Clocktopian

Government Constitutional Monarchy, along with a big Congress formation.
King Strawberry V
Vice-King Orange Clock
Minister of Education Pineapple Clock
Minister of Communication Raspberry Clock
Minister of SPAM Apple Clock
Minister of Peace BB10 Clock
Minister of Foreign Affairs Sir Clock
Minister of War Ares Clock
Head of Congress Pineapple Clock

Legislature Clocktopian Council
-Type Unicameral
Seats 300

– Foundation of the Clocktopian Realm 2001
– Foundation of the Clockcrew's nation April 22, 2007
– Admision to the area as a Micro-Kingdom June 23, 2018
– Formation of the Empire June 24, 2018

Area claimed pending survey

Population 35

Currency the Clocktopian Coin= CC (CC)
1 CC (CC) = 50 cents (c)

Time zone RPTC

Country code cc, ct

Internet TDL .cc(main)

Drives on the Right

Date formats Gregorian calendar

ClockCrew [IPA: /Clockeːniɐ/ or /Clockia/] (Latin: "horologium cantavit" English: ClockCrew German: ClockienReich, Clocktopian: ClockCrew, Latin: "horologium cantavit", French: (la) Horloge Bande, Spanish: (el)Reloj tripulación), officially known as the Empire of ClockCrew, or alternatively as the Clocktopian Empire, its a micronation located in Central Europe.



On February 20, 2006, Clocktopia seceded from the Newgroundian Empire, becoming an independent nation.

Government and politics

Clocktopia is an Empire, and its a Constitutional Monarchy, thus giving a semi-ceremonial and limited power to the King of the Clocktopian Empire, while however it also gives him the power in some important state decisions and his vote counts as a decisive vote in many of the congress's laws. Apart from the King of the ClockCrew, the Clocktopian Congress (CL.CO) rules the country through many reformations, laws and state decisions that need to be done in order to have a balanced and somewhat liberal state in the country.

The country used to have an Absolute Monarchy, this giving to the national leader absolute authority, but after the 7th Locktopian war ended in 2010, the son of Strawberrius III, Strawberrion II, decided to do a plebiscite, asking the people to choose between an Absolute Monarchy, a Constitutional Monarchy, and a Republic without a king. The results came in as 64% for a Constitutional Monarchy, 21% for an Absolute Monarchy, and a 15% for a Republic.

As such, the King accepted the people's decision and changed the authority from an Absolute Monarchy into a more progressive and legislative Constitutional Monarchy, while he also voted to create a new Congress for the country.

Law and order

Foreign relations