Empire of Condelero

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The Condolero Empire is a Japanese micronation. East Asia Micronation Association (EAMU), Japan Micronation Federation (JMF), International Federation (UNF) member countries.


The Condolero Empire was founded by Japan 's first Emperor Tom I, Emperor Leonard I of the two generations, three friends independently in Japan from 2008. Condrello was initially merely a national guard, but began activities as a micronation from 2015.At the beginning of 2015, there were no countries establishing diplomatic relations, but as of 2017 diplomatic relations with 17 countries have been established.Was not done activities for a while and then withdrew three of my friends for 2015 people that 10 people monitor was objected again and resume activities, nowadays people are about 20 people.Noble systems have been introduced.


First Emperor Tom I (4/1/2008-4/1/2015)

II Emperor Leonard I (4/1/2015-)