Empire of Eszakpohi

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The Empire of Eszakpohi (Hungarian) A Birodalom Észákpohi
(German) Das Reich von Eszakpohi


Coat of Arms

Map of Iszakpohi
Capital Góran
Official languages English, Hugarian, German
Denonym Eszakpohese, Eszakpian, Eszaian
Government Absolute monarchy
Leader Császár: Között
Founded July 25, 2009
Area -
Location North western Europe
Population 5
Currency Florin

The Empire of Eszakpohi (Hungarian: A Birodalom Észákpohi, German: Das Reich von Eszakpohi) is a micronation was founded on July 25, 2009, during the first few hours of its existence it was a Principality, however it began to grow rapidly and is now thought to be bigger than Vladislavia Krai in Cheslovia. Eszakpohi is known for not being situated in Baltia at all, how ever it retains strong cultural, social and historical ties with Baltia and is thus included as a Baltian nation.


Eszakpohi has been congratulated on its fast growth by many Baltian leaders, including Urosh Dushanov. Before the nation became an empire, it was situated approximately 2 km away from Baltia's boundries and had only one territory called Észákpohi (which is where Góran is located), after at least 3 hours of its existence, the nation had claimed three more territories: Csiválgóma Province, Tönyaksábad Province and Idákelét province, after the expansion the nations were declared an empire. The BCSA has reacted negatively to Eszakpohi's rapid expansion and view it as hostile.

Past Cheslovian interest

During late 2008 the Cheslovian Federation has expressed interest in the area, and as debates were regularly held on whether or not the area should be annexed, the Federal Government had sent many explorational convoys to the area, however, they only reached up to a settlement known as "Oakley" (Known as "Isztván" in Eszakpohi). Two Cheslovian citizens also lived in the area (more specifically in "Góran") which also created a reason for annexing the area.

As part of the 2009 Baltian nations plan, it was decided to allow the area to form into a micronation of its own.