Empire of Gataguai

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Empire of Gataguay
CoA of Gataguay Crop.png
Coat of arms
Laziness and Trust
Anthem: Gatameoguai, éme minhameow meow naçãmeow.
and largest city
New Catlia
Official languagesMeowong
30% Catholic
50% Caticism
LegislatureCatish Senate
Establishment9 June 2017
CurrencyBrazilian Real
Gataguayan Monye
Time zoneGCT: Gataguayan Current Time (GMT-3)

Empire Of Gataguay or "Império de Gataguai" in portuguese, is a Empire founded in Brazil Ruled as an Monarchy.

With a Emperor(or dictator) as the supreme autocratic autority, the language as 30% Meowong And 70% Portuguese, the religions is Caticism and Catholic


The etymology of the Gataguayan empire name, it was based on the name of uruguay mixed with "gata" in portuguese, which means "cat"

Administrative Regions

The Empire have 5 Provinces(currently)

Name Flag Governor Chief Commissioner
New Catlia(Capital) Flag Of New Catlia.png Not yet appointed Not yet appointed
North Aurora County North Aurora flag(Gataguay).png Not yet appointed Not yet appointed
South Aurora County North Aurora.png Not yet appointed Not yet appointed
Moonlia County Moonlia.png Not yet appointed Not yet appointed
Monteia County Monteia flag(gataguay.png Not yet appointed Not yet appointed