Empire of Grassland

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Grassland, officially the Empire of Grassland (Cesarstwo Grasslandu) (grassl. Cosartwe et Grassland'i) - micronation established on the island of Calero and with a colony in Poland existing from 8 March 2021 to 16 March 2021 and again from 23 March 2021. It was founded by Cyryl Tuchlin, who proclaimed himself the first Emperor of Grassland as Gregory I. The total micronation area is 151.6 km2 (not counting the colonies in Poland).


Micronation was established on 8 March 2021 by Cyryl Tuchlin, who declared himself Emperor of Grassland as Gregory I. The micronation was closed by Cyryl Tuchlin for personal reasons on 16 March. It was re-established on 23 March 2021.

Emperors of the Empire of Grassland

Gregory I (2021-2021)

• Gregory I (2021-again)

Interesting facts

• The micronation was to be called the "Little Kingdom of Grassland," but this reference was however not used.

• On 16 March 2021 micronation was to be changed from Empire to Republic.