Empire of Guanduania

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Empire of Guanduania
Guanduania flag.png
Coat of arms
Motto: Pax, Caritas, Iustitia
Anthem: Beloved Motherland
Map of the universe.jpg
Map of Guanduania which coincides with the map of the universe
Largest cityKandlamana
Official languagesGuanduanian
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• Emperor
Emperor Justus I of Guanduania
LegislatureParliament of Guanduania
Establishment27 July 2017
• Census
CurrencyGuanduanian Crown

The Empire of Guanduania is a micronation founded on 27 Jul 2017 by Emperor Justus I of Guanduania. Guanduania claims the whole universe as it's legitimate territory. The capital of the empire is Guanduanis and it's national anthem is Beloved Motherland.


Guanduania means golden star in Guanduanian, a nation destined to shine among the nations.


Though Guanduania was founded in 2017, it had existed since the foundation of the world. It incarnated the forces of good that fought against the forces of evil. Guanduanians have existed all along since the beginning. Guanduanians are those people who are born good, resist evil at all times and help humanity come off the cliff when everything seems lost. They were the heroes of the past who pulled their tribes and nations off the brink, who protected their family from calamity, they are those who sacrificed their own lives for the greater good of humanity. Those have existed in every country on earth, they were inhabited by the spirit of Guanduania, the Golden Star.

King Justus I of Guanduania, in consolidating Guanduania as an Empire wanted to streamline the efforts of those men and women of good against the forces of evil that besiege humanity. It goes without saying, everybody knows it when they turn on their TVs and Radio or browse their news feeds. Guanduania comes as the solution human kind has been waiting for, a new Messiah Empire that will bring back the Peace, Love and Justice all human beings thirst for.

Government and politics

The Empire of Guanduania is a Constitutional Monarchy ruled by the House of Justus. The Constitution of Guanduania was officially promulgated on 2 August 2017 by Emperor Justus I of Guanduania

The government is led by the prime minister from the party that has the majority in parliament.

Legislative powers are vested in Parliament whose members are voted by direct popular vote

The administration of justice is vested in the independent judiciary.

The duties of the monarchy under the constitution

Under the Constitution of Guanduania

The Emperor/Empress remains the head of state.

The Emperor/Empress opens Parliament.

Members of the government shall regularly report to the Emperor/Empress about the current events in the country.

Emperor/Empress is Chairman of the Advisory Committee on international questions. This Committee is elected by Parliament for consultation between the government and Parliament on foreign policy.

The Emperor/Empress has the highest military rank: he is a full General and full Admiral. But the army is subject only to the government.

As head of state the Emperor/Empress accepts credentials from foreign diplomats and signs the credentials from foreign ambassadors.

The Emperor/Empress has immunity, i.e., cannot be held accountable for their actions in accordance with the criminal law. However, he/she can be sued in court in accordance with the civil law.

Each year Parliament decides what amount will be allocated to the king to perform his/her duties.

He/she is a non-political head of state, a national symbol.

National symbols

The flag

Guanduania flag.png

The current flag of Guanduania was adopted on July 2, 2017 which will henceforth be celebrated as Flag Day. The red symbolises the determination the guanduanians have to defend their freedom, even dying for it if necessary. The red also symbolises the blood of all those unsung heroes who lost their lives defending the freedoms we as guanduanians enjoy now.

The blue represents the hope they have in the a better future.

Yellow represents prosperity

White represents peace and the crossed golden keys represent freedom by which peace, love, justice, prosperity are unlocked.

Coat of arms


The book represent education, the foundation of all enlightened society. The two swords represent the sword of truth by which we fight all evil. The lion and crown represent His Imperial Majesty, the golden star represent one prosperous guanduanian people. The Keys represent liberty, by which all development is possible.

National mammal

African lion.jpg

National mammal is the lion, symbol of strength and confidence.

National bird

African dove.jpg

National bird is the dove, symbol of peace

National tree

Ficus thonningii.jpg

The national tree is the Ficus thonningii, a tall big shady tree, long lasting symbolising the empire of Guanduania. A nation big enough and strong enough to shelter all its children.

National anthem

The National Anthem is Beloved Motherland

National flower


The national flower of Guanduania is the peony, it's a symbol of peace.

Foreign relations

Recognised macronations; no relations

Flag Country Recognised since Notes
Flag of the United Nations.svg
Member states of the United Nations
6 August 2014
  • Recognised all the member states of United Nations after it's foundation.
Flag of the Vatican City.svg
Vatican City State
6 August 2014
  • Recognised as a sovereign nation.
Flag of Kosovo.svg
Republic of Kosovo
19 August 2014
  • Recognised as a sovereign nation.
Flag of Taiwan.svg
Republic of China (Taiwan)
21 August 2014
  • Recognised as a sovereign nation.
Flag of Western Sahara.png
Western Sahara
3 September 2014
  • Recognised as a sovereign nation


Guanduania has no standing army of it's own at present, it's security is guaranteed by the neighbouring macronation.


These are official holidays in the Empire of Guanduania. These days are very important to the guanduanian people, in them they remember what they hold dear in their hearts and by them show what are their values as a nation.

Name Date Remarks
Freedom Day 1 January Guanduanians ponder what freedom really means, how to achieve and maintain it
Heroes Day Day 5 January Remembering and honouring the heroes that made and continue to make Guanduania a reality
No Plastic Bag Day 10 January Plastic days are known to harm the environment. This day Guanduania vows to get rid of the plastic bag
Day against xenophobia 15 January Educate Guanduanians that foreigners are not a threat, that after all they are also human beings like them
Day of the global citizen 20 January A day to promote the concept of global citizenship and cooperation among the peoples of the world, promoting efforts to remove borders and facilitate the freedom of movement.
Day against tribalism 25 January A day guanduanians reinforce national identity and unity as one people instead of capitalizing on what separate them
LGBT day 27 January The day to promote the rights and fight against discrimination for LGBT people
Day against religious extremism 30 January A day to promote religious plurality of religion and tolerance towards who do not share our beliefs.
World Cancer Day 2 February Remembering cancer victims and how to care for them
Justice 15 February Promoting justice for all
International Human Solidarity Day 20 February Remembering that every human being is your brother
Education Day 25 February Promoting education in Guanduania
Youth Day 27 February Special day for guanduanian youth
Nature's Day 5 March Actions to promote the protection of the environment
Malaria Day 26 April Knowing about malaria and how to defend against it.
Freedom of Expression Day 15 May One of the foundation stone of Guanduanian democracy
Family Day 30 May Promoting happyness and well being of families
No Tobacco Day 1 June Advocating against use of tobacco products due to their hazardous health effects
Day against Child Labor 15 June Advocating against child labor
Refugee Day 26 June Remembering and honouring the heroes that made and continue to make Guanduania a reality
Victims of Torture 30 June Remembering and honouring the heroes that made and continue to make Guanduania a reality
Constitution Day 15 July Remembering and honouring the heroes that made and continue to make Guanduania a reality
Independence Day 27 July Remembering and honouring the heroes that made and continue to make Guanduania a reality
Flag Day 30 July Celebrating the national flag
Heather Heyer Day 12 August Celebrating the life of anti-racism and martyr Heather Heyer
Democracy Day 1 September Promoting democratic governance
Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons 15 September Remembering and honouring the victims of nuclear weapons and calling for their total elimination
Older Persons 1 October Promoting the rights of older people
Orphans' Day 7 October Actions to promote the well being of orphans
Eradication of Poverty 22 October Actions to end poverty in Guanduania
Persons with Disabilities 30 December Promoting the health and rights of people with disabilities
Anti-Corruption Day 28 December For a corruption free Guanduania
Human Rights Day 30 December In pursuit of human rights for all


Guanduania has no official religion, citizens have the freedom to choose the religion they want or no religion at all.

Languages and media

Official languages in Guanduania are English and French.

Guanduania main news source is the government-owned news website, and it's social media arms on Facebook and Twitter.


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