Empire of Hakko

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Empire of Hakkō
Hakkōn Keisarikunta
Official languages
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
• Emperor

The Empire of Hakkō is a micronation situated within the city of Jyväskylä, which is completely surrounded by the Republic of Finland. As of present it contains one county, the County of Central Finland. The Empire of Hakkō is an absolute monarchy, with all power being vested in the Emperor Oili, who not only has divine right to rule but is also of the divine itself, with the sole legal religion of Oilism regarding Oili as the creator of the Universe.


The culture of the Empire of Hakkō is heavily dominated by Finnish culture, however state functionaries have predominantly promoted Japanese culture and language, and the state religion of Oilism itself is heavily derived from Japanese Shintoism.


The primary and state-sanctioned religion of the Empire of Hakkō is Oilism.


As of current, all power has been temporarily transferred to the Count of Central Finland, in accordance with Emergency Edict on the Distribution of Powers Rested Solely Upon Its Majesty the Emperor Oili and the Unbending Right of Oili to Rule the Realm, which reads:

Article I

All legislative, executive, and judicial powers within the Realm shall be transferred to Count Oinonen of Central Finland until further notice.

Article II

This Edict is effective immediately upon approval.

Approved 8 April 2022.

It is likely that the Count of Central Finland will remain the sole political power until a constitution or other legislation is promulgated.