Empire of Havenfall

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The Empire of Havenfall is a micronation located in the Musoqouodoboit Valley in Nova Scotia, Canada. Founded on February eleventh, 2019, the Empire is ruled by Emperor Matthias I of the Imperial House of Pettipas. The Empire claims Hensgshang in China and the Onohara and Kiyama islands, and Suzuka in Japan, where the Emperor rules as Emperor Zhang I of the Hengshang dynasty and Emperor Kanmu I of the Suzuka dynasty respectively. The Empire also controls Outram island, Cross island, Lawlor island, Colebrook island, Arrowsmith island, Manila, Mindanao, and other territories. As of October thirtieth, the Emperor has also taken on the title Dragon of the North.

The Empire is an absolute monarchy with the Emperor handling everything from day to day politics to court cases, with the help of the Imperial adviser, the Grand Duke of Portland, Sir Jeb Sherril.

Militarily speaking, the Empire relies on the Order of the Dragon, an order of Knights selected personally by Matthias I, who is also the Grandmaster.

Havenfall is a Secular nation open to all beliefs and creeds, with a population of twenty five.

Since the Emperor has no children at the present time, the heir presumptive is Prince Cole Gerald Cox, Cousin and Housecarl to the Emperor, Knight of the Dragon, and Grand Duke of the Musquodoboit Valley, Jarl of the Isles, and third in command of the Imperial army with the rank of Dux.

The Empire's National animal is the Red Dragon.

On November fifth, 2019, The Empire annexed the Principality of Marlborough, transforming it into an Earldom, with the Grand Duchess of Toronto, Lady Aatifa Ahmadullah, being appointed as Countess.

On December twenty first, 2019, The Empire annexed the territory of the defunct Micronation, the Principality of Baldonia, transforming it into a Duchy. Lady Glenda Lopez was appointed Duchess the same day.