Empire of Heltrian

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The revolution started during the Istroff-Turland war. Tyler was more devoted to defeating Istroff and not to the safety of the people. This outraged many, but no one spoke up until the 19th of August when a revolutionary group called the Heltrian empire rioted the leaders home. They escaped to a bunker for 2 days. During this time the group destroyed any remanence of Turlandian life. They then entered the bunker, arrested the leaders, and buried them to their torsos. They were then stripped of there positions. Between the 25th and the 31st of August was a period called the Ressex era. Josephe Ressex, the new leader of Istroff, made the last of Turland into part of his republic. On the 1st of September Wayne, Tyler's father became the tsar of the empire of Heltrian. The following 2 days were followed by the taking over of 2 kingdoms and Istroff by Heltrian.

Military Heltrian information


Tsar Wayne

National animal

The ploving plover

National religion

Roman catholic

Nation sport



Fight for everything free

Military strength


Area of influence

2610 square meters

National language




The Empire of Heltrian made a much bigger army after the end of Turland. They (the soldiers) merged with the Istroff military. They are armed rubber band guns with metal connected to the end. Their main area of training is at fort Hilitia. They wear black shirts and brown khaki shorts. In cold weather, they wear dull blue coats and sheepskin boots. Areas of mili

The Heltrian coat of arms


Land military strength:7
Naval strength:3

In the naval military division, they are armed with sink plates, balls of iron, that are used to sink other boats.

Other instruments of war used by the military include iron hooks, clubs, iron spears, and at one point knives.


The culture of Heltian is based mostly upon wars that happened in the area. They have made books, films, and radio broadcasts about these events. Tyler (previous leader of Turland) made books about the Istroff-Turland war. They also make new types of dances. Every Thursday there is dancing going on for hours on end. There are also many new dishes being made by the micronation. Once, Kevis is a mixture of beef, pork, caramel, and mint sauce. There is also the manufacture of clothes out of cotton. The most widely manufactured objects are hats and scarves because of their simplicity. Lastly, music, mostly rock, is made for the dancing of the nation.

States and structures

In whole the empire has 8 states, Amardra, Anastasia, Ladred, Bendanbourge, Sherisoa, Desstrnov, Mariposa, and Geoff. In the whole empire, there are 17 buildings. The most

The flag of Heltrian

famous of all would be the fort Hilitia military training building, which was the last structure that survived fully intact after the revolution. Another famous building is Shari's desert fort, which was the last building to be destroyed in the revolution. The reason that it was so special was that it was the location of the manufacture of all the public and secret documents of the nation, the leader's diaries, and information regarding the original leader of the nation, whom Tyler will never say until on his death bed.

Trivia: Out of all the states, only Bendanbourge wasn't renamed because of its importance to Turland's history. Lendenbourge was renamed after the Russian Duchess Anastasia.

Military Ranks

Here is the list of military ranks highest to lowest:

  • Colonel
  • Major
  • Captain
    Heltrian military Badges
  • Warrant Officer
  • Commander Sergeant Major
  • Major sergeant
  • Sergeant first class
  • Staff sergeant


Areas of the empire
New years day
1 January
Foundation day
10 May The day the micronation formed
Revolution day
19 August The day of the two day revolution
Christmas eve
24 December