Empire of Merania

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Empire of Merania
|125px|border|Flag of Empire of Merania]]
[[File:Coat of Arms:
|85px|Coat of arms of Empire of Merania]]
Coat of arms
Motto: In God We Believe"

Empire of Merania on the map
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• Emperor/Tsar
Rani I
• Prime Minister
Celina, Duchess of Merania.
Establishment15 June 2014
• Census
25 citizens
CurrencyPound Sterling (GBP)
Time zone(UTC)
Not Yet

The Empire of Merania, more commonly known as simply Meranian Empire, is based on an island in Sweden, West of Stockholm near Strängnäs Ö. It is an empire with ruling members from the Russia Imperial Family, whose current ruler is a great-great grandson of Alexander I of Russia. Its capital Rullingen was chosen as a capital of the Empire due to it's large capacity. The current royal house who is ruling the Empire is the Imperial House of Zahalka. Meranian Empire has gained a lot of popularity within a day of it's official establishment, with more than 127,000 citizens joining the micronation of the Meranian Empire.

Government and politics

Due to being newly established, the Empire of Merania is currently being administered solely by His Imperial Majesty the Emperor.


He is the Head of State, Grand Admiral of Merania, Field Marshall of Merania and Knight of the Sacred and Military Order of Merit of Merania.

Royal Senators

These are Lords,Dukes, Earls, Counts that are chosen by the Emperor to serve for life.

Elected Senators

These members are elected by the citizens and serve for 5 years only.


Although the small size of Merania, but it welcomes thousands and thousands of citizens to become official citizens of Merania.

Foreign Relations

The Meranian Empire welcomes any and all diplomatic relations with like minded nations. The Department of Foreign Affairs can be contacted at foreign[@]merania.net