Empire of Natala

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Empire of Natala
Império de Natala (Portuguese)

CoA Natala.png
Coat of Arms

Equality or Death
Portuguese: Igualdade ou Morte
Capital cityNew Fitago
Largest cityNew Fitago
Official languagePortuguese
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
EmpressEmpress Nina
Prime MinisterPhilip Oli
LegislatureSenate of Tafaz
Formation31 March 2018
Area3,031 sq meters
CurrencyBrazilian Real
Time zoneUTC-3
Phone code+55
National dishCheese bun
National drinkGuaraná
National AnimalPuma

The Empire of Natala (Portuguese: Império de Natala), informally known as Natala, is a micronation in South America, founded in Brazil, with an Argentinian and Japanese culture. The government is a consitutional monarchy ruled by an empress or emperor.


The name Natala comes from the word natal, a Portuguese adjective relating to birth.


Brazilian occupation

Before Natala was founded, the current Natalese territories were part of Brazil, and Philip, founder of the kingdom and later empire, didn't have any plans for a micronation.

Kingdom Era

After the Brazilian occupation, Philip learned more about micronations and became interested in them, soon deciding to make his own. Philip created a kingdom called the Kingdom of the Natali People. Founded on the 21 of August 2017 with a system of absolute monarchy, the kingdom did not work well, so after a time it was dissolved.

The beginning of the current Natala and the first emperor

After Philip dissolved the Kingdom of the Natali People, he tried to re-create the kingdom with a another system of government. Then, after days of planning, he founded the Empire of Natala and declared himself as the emperor. However, because of some problems he decided to make Nina empress and he became the prime-minister.


The geography of Natala consists of a narrow coastal plain bordered by mountains. Animals in the micronation include pumas, brocket deer, sloths, otters, howler monkeys and capybaras.