Empire of Vouzensel

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Empire of Vouzensel

Flag of Vouzensel
Coat of arms of Vouzensel
Coat of arms
CapitalVouzensel City
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentFederal hereditary absolute monarchy
• Monarch
Fionn de Liaqburg-Fontaineblanche
• Lady Chancellor
Emma de Liaqburg-Slandsva
• Lord President
William de Liaqburg-Landsu
• Establishment of
Republic of Vous
5 March 2021
• Establishment of
10 March 2021
CurrencyVouzian Franc

The Empire of Vouzensel, more commonly known as Vouzensel, is a sovereign state with territorial claims in Europe and North America. Vouzensel was originally established as the Republic of Vous on March 10, 2021.

The Monarch is granted the authority to pass imperial decrees which form the law, however this can also be done by the Parliament of Vouzensel.


Vouzensel was established as the Republic of Vous on March 5, 2021. Fionn, who had been appointed to the post of Captain General of Vous, was proclaimed as the Prince of Vous by the President of Vous, marking the end of the republic and start of the monarchy. Multiple territories were acquired under Fionn and the official operations of the government were changed several times.

Politics and government

The Lady Chancellor, currently Emma de Liaqburg-Slandsva, is the Head of Government.

The Parliament of Vouzensel consists of the Senate and the National Assembly.