Enlightened Kingdom of Amestris

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Enlightened Kingdom of Amestris
Spanish: Reino Iluminado de Amestris
Esperanto: Lumigita Reĝlando de Amestris
Flag of Amestris
Coat of arms of Amestris
Coat of arms
"Debemus adducere lumen rationis ad hominum genus"
"We must bring the light to Humanity.(Latin)
Amestrian territories.
Amestrian territories.
and largest city
Central City
Official languagesEsperanto (de iure)
Spanish (de facto)
English (de facto)
ReligionPredominantly Amestrian Religion and
Freedom of religion
DemonymAmestrian or Enlightened
GovernmentParliamentary Constitutional Monarchy with a Prince-elector system
• King
Germán I
Count Matias Dos Santos de Risslett
LegislatureAmestrian Parliament
02 Octuber 2014
12 Octuber 2019
• Estimate
57 citizens
126 inhabitants
• 2022 census
CGSC (2022) 3.80
high · 36th
CurrencyAmestrian Royal Pound (AR$)
Cryptocurrency: Amestris (₳) (RIA)
Time zoneART (capital) (UTC−3)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Drives on theright
Calling code+54

Enlightened Kingdom of Amestris (Spanish: Reino Iluminado de Amestris,Esperanto: Lumigita Reĝlando de Amestris), is a paraphysical virtual state, originated on the basis of lands of an alternate plane to which, for the moment, it is not yet possible to physically access but with which it is possible to interact indirectly through the actions carried out by the citizens of this micronation through the Enlightened Faction of the augmented reality game Ingress or, among others, massively multiplayer online Games such as "No Man's Sky" where the Kingdom has vast territories that can be visited, acquired or possessed. In this way, one interacts from anywhere on the planet but transcends national borders without violating or diminishing the sovereignty of any country involved.

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