Eri Septio Priangga

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Eri Septio Priangga
Eri Septio (circled) in 2018
Secretary General of the Association of Indonesian Micronations
Assumed office
2 May - 6 September 2020
Predecessor Mustafa Hakim
Successor Muhammad Azka
Chairman of Communist Party of Republic Jomblonisme
Assumed office
President of Jomblonisme
Assumed office
Predecessor Position established
Successor Incumbent
Personal information
Born 27 September
Citizenship Jomblonisme
Nationality Indonesia
Political party Communist Party of Jomblonisme
Religion Islam

Eri Septio Priangga is the current President of Jomblonisme since 2017.

He is also the current Secretary General of the Association of Indonesian Micronations since 2 May 2020.


He was born in Samarinda Aws hospital at 3:00 on 27 September.

Micronational career


Eri founded Jomblonisme in 2017. His interest in Marxism-Leninism resulting in adoption of the ideology in his country.

Indonesian sector

Eri allowed his country to initiate contact with the Association of Indonesian Micronations, and shortly was accepted as AIM observer in January 2020. He maintained his activity in the organisation, and significantly responsive on the General Assembly.

Eri was one of the most prospective candidate for AIM secretary general after Harjakartan accession as the chairman in May 2020. After his candidacy was officially announced on the general assembly, Eri won unanimous support from AIM member states during his confirmation vote, especially after endorsements from Tommy N. representing the state chair Harjakarta, and his predecessor Mustafa Hakim of Suwarnakarta Institute. Eri took office as the secretary general in 2 May 2020, and concluded his duty on 6 September 2020.