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Motto Virtutem Obligandi Obtineat

Headquarters EricsChancillery, 2nd Bell square Alox(Federalia)

Eric the first
Dissolution : 14th April 2023
Founded 8 June 2018
Dissolved 24 April 2023

EricsChancellery was an institution within the Goverment of Federalia that ensured the legislative, executive and judicial power under the same party. This historical institution was the one responsible for the redaction of the independence treaty, the constitution and the Jahr Null treaty.


EricsChancellery was founded thanks to the independence treaty of Federalia. The term of EricsChancellery was contemporany, so it was known before 2021 as simply office of the president. It lost importance after the war of alox. It helded very important federalian acts like all the elctions and declarations.


It was inside the EricsChancillery and it helded the Legislature diputies chamber. Virtually there were 6 seats. The following Table showed all elections that took place in EricsChamber with votes and seats. RFP standed for the Rightwinged Federalian Party the rulling one since 2018. LFP standed for Leftwinged Federalian Party and A N-F M standed for Anarquic New-Federalian movement, the one who leaded the region of New Federalia since their independence till the unification.

8 June 2018 no seats yet 100%
5 July 2019 4 seats 66% 1 seat 17% 1 seat 17%
29 Febrary 2020 4 seats 76% 1 seat 12% 1 seat 12%
2021 6 seats 88% Banned Banned Banned Banned
31st July 2022 6 seats 100% Banned Banned Banned Banned

HISTORY as seen in the chart the unanimity in the first election is because the other 2 parties werent funded yet. Initially the EricsChamber was called McEric as a mockery to the current food chain McDonald's. And started with 6 seats. This lasted for 2 years till throught the new policies all other parties except for RFP banned. The EricsChamber still helds the diputy and the elections are still going with only two options: RFP or no RFP.

Police Department

Inside the EricsChamber we could found the police department that ensured the law and the fullfill of they moral obligation as they had been dictated by them on the Constitution, the Jahr Null iniciative and the Life plan. They were administrated by the militar sector.

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