Eshaan I, Great Emperor of Timonoucitiland

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Eshaan Bhargav Patel
His Imperial Majesty of the Imperial Republic of Timonoucitiland and all of its Possessed Lands, along with the Holder of the Title of the Chief Executive officer of the Aeonic Corporation, His Excellence Great Emperor Eshaan I
Great Emperor of the Imperial Republic of Timonoucitiland
Reign10 February 2020 - present
PredecessorTimonocitian Cold Civil War
Heir apparentDeven Patel
Prime MinisterDaniel McGrath (until 28 January 2022)
Shreekrishna Vasant Avhad (until 23 March 2022)
Sohan Mulay (currently)
President of SEnteral Excitement
In office28 September 2019 - 10 February 2020
PredecessorOffice established
SuccessorShreekrishna Vasant Avhad
CEO of the Aeonic Corporation
Working2018- present
PredecessorCompany established
In office20 June 2018 - present
PredecessorCompany established
ReligionBAPS Shri Swaminarayn

Eshaan Bhargav Patel, formerly known by his title Great Emperor Eshaan I, is a male former micronationalist living in Morganville, New Jersey, United States who was the founder and former great emperor of the Imperial Republic of Timonoucitiland since the office was established, and the former president-for-life of the Republic of SEnteral Excitement until the end of the first Timonoucitian Civil War. He was the appointer all three of the prime ministers that have come and gone during his reign. He was also the disestablisher of his nation, for it had long become inactive by that point. He is a devout Hindu devotee and is Gujarati in ethnicity. He continues to hold the title of being the CEO of his company, the Aeonic Corporation.

He has received criticism throughout the government for appointing Sohan Mulay, who was formerly a spy of the United Kingdoms of AAAWWUBBIS and FANBOYS, as prime minister. Instead, he served as a spy for Timonoucitiland to track down AAAWWUBBIS until it fell. It was later revealled that Mulay was in fact also a spy for AAAWWUBBIS while also being a spy working for Timonoucitiland to spy on them. Patel dismissed the claims since "the micronation was not that important anymore"

In addition to micronationalism, Eshaan I also is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Aeonic Corporation, which has a full monopoly on everything that it offers within Timonoucitiland.

Reign as emperor


First Civil War

Eshaan I served as the main one who argued during the Timonoucitian First Civil War in favour of the Republic of SEnteral Excitement. Although outnumbered by the Timonian Republic 11:3, Eshaan I allowed the war to end. This was done when Eshaan I authored the Treaty of Nate City, where both original micronations merged to form the all-new Timonocite Empire. Also, the Timonocite Empire was not communist, although this was not outlined anywhere in the treaty. However, the anthem Land of the Brave Men was able to remain for an entire year.

Interwar Period

In the 2-year period the civil wars, Eshaan I made many changes to the nation. Firstly, he invented Timonoucitian English, a new dialect of English. Then, he renamed the nation to the Timonoucite Empire in November 2020 and redid the anthem thrice (see Land of a Glorious People). In November 2021, the name was changed once again to the Imperial Republic of Timonoucitiland, which has stayed even today. The army, government and political systems were also more specifically outlined than before.

Second Civil War

In late January 2022, the United Kingdoms of AAAWWUBBIS and FANBOYS declared independence as a joke micronation separate from the United States. However, Eshaan I mistakenly took this as a national insult as many critical members of Timonoucitiland joined the new nation, which he never recognised as legitimate and always referred to as Fiktimonoucitiland, lit. "Fake Timonoucitiland". This mistaken insult greatly accelerated the war to heights unseen during the First Civil War.

Postwar Period

After the end of the Second Civil War, not much happened.

On 12 December 2022, all contactable members of AAAWWUBBIS were messaged via Google Chat and/or Discord with an apology letter to all the drama he thoughtlessly caused.

Eventually, after almost a year of inactivity, the government of Timonoucitiland was silently disestablished on 25 March 2023.

Business life

In 2018, Patel chose to begin the Eshaan11 Corporation as a small hobby of his which he planned to expand on when he reached a higher age. By January 2019, he learned how to code webpages and created the original website, which was meant to be a portal to different products such as a media player which did not work. By July 2021, the web portal was completed and is still accessible at In 2022, he subsequently discontinued the project and chose to focus more on his game LabSim which he wanted to commercialise at some point. In 2023, he began to allow investors to invest their money into the company, and bought Mystical Warfare of Schools, Inc., founded by his younger brother in October 2022 for 2 cents, however, it is worth $7.97 currently. Patel has recieved numerous inquiries on whether money would return, however, Mystical Warfare, the main source of revenue from Aeonic, had very nearly stalled after complications with the school system.

Personal life

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