Espium Republic

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Espium Republic
Coat of arms
Motto: Freiheit. Espium. (German: Freedom. Espium.)
Anthem: Espium für die Ewigkeit
The location of the Espium Republic.
59.529933, -1.630063
and largest city
Official languagesGerman
Establishment30 sep 2020
• (as of 2020 census) census
CurrencyEspian Dollar
Time zoneGMT +0
Government contact and foreign affairs: Government Twitter : @espiumrepublik

The Espium Republic, more commonly known as Espium, is a micronation between the North Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea.

Espium calls itself a republic, but it's not completely democratic. It's led by the president called Julian Böhler. There's also a parliament under him, but the president has all the power and can control the country completely on his own. The parliament's function is to advise the president, and he listens to the parliament really well in most cases.

The country was founded on 30 september 2020 by the president, and he has been trying to build up and make the country grow since. Because the country is really young, they don't have a lot of foreign relations, but this will change soon.


The Espium Republic was founded on 30 september 2020 by Julian Böhler. He was already extremely interested in politics, but he had no power. He wanted to make his people happy, so he successfully changed the island into a sovereign state. On the same day a parliament got elected to help the president run the country.

Date Event
30/09/2020 The Espium Republic was founded by the first president Julian Böhler.

Politics and government

Political system

The president Julian Böhler has all the power of the country. That means that he can make every single decision completely on his own without needing any permission from anyone. Most people would think such a dictatorial state is scary, but this president really takes care of his people. The president is also the head of state.

Once every two years there are elections for the parliament. The parliament is there to represent the people and to advise the president. The president listens to the parliament quite a lot. The members of parliament can also ask the president questions when they don't agree with what he has done or is doing.

The outcome of the parliamentary elections in 2020. The biggest party is the Partei der Freiheit, Party of Freedom or PdF with 20 of the 50 seats.

There is also a constitutional law. All the law enforcements have to obey this law and even the president doesn't have the ability to change this law without a majority in the parliament. This the fundement of the country, created by the people themselves.

Foreign relations

The Espium Republic doesn't have any contact to foreign states yet. The country wants to make this better as soon as possible. This will be available later.

The Reisepass (German: Passport) of the Espium Republic.



The map of Espium Republic.


There are 7 major cities in Espium.

Name Abbreviation Population Capital?
Badel B 235 No
Hanseburg H 494 No
Schwarzenfeld SWA 102 No
Seiffenbach HS 520 Yes
Sonne S 87 No
Werlitzsch WEZ 357 No
Ästeburg ÄST 94 No