Estonian Travaman Republic

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Estonian Travaman Republic
Flag of ETV
Coat of arms of ETV
Coat of arms
Motto: Workers of the world, Unite!
Anthem: The Internationale
and largest city
Official languagesEstonian, English
Ethnic groups
94% Estonian, 2% russian, 1% german, 3% other
Organizational structureMarxist-Leninist socialist one-party republic
• First Secretary
Jaanus Noormägi
• Second Secretary
Andre Pihlak
from Estonia
• Declared
12 August 2020
• Estimate
16 citizens (2023)
Claimed GDP (PPP)2023 estimate
• Total
71.521 Esr Rubles (35.760.5 Euros)
HDI (2023)0.960
very high
Purported currencyEstonian SR Rubles (ESR)
Time zoneEET
Date formatDD/MM/YY
Today part ofEstonia

The Estonian Travaman Republic, often shortened to ETR, previously known as the Estonian Socialist Republic is a self-declared independent state located in Northern Europe, enclaved by Estonia. Due to no international recognition, external observers commonly refer to the ETR as a micronation. The capital of the ETR is Travaktonia.

The ETR has faced challenges in recent years due to a shortage of supplies, which has led to citizens leaving the nation and the country being at risk of collapsing. The ETR was previously a member of the Union of Estonian Latvian Socialist Republics.



The Estonian Travaman Republic (ETR) began as a joke, but eventually gained a more serious footing after developing its military capabilities. As its popularity grew in 2021, more people began to join and identification cards were issued.

Decline and Restructuring

The ETR faced a major setback when the country faced a shortage of supplies, prompting citizens to flee to other nations. In response, the government issued a new document making it illegal to leave the country, with offenders facing jail time as punishment.

In early 2022, the republic took steps to purge inactive members and warned citizens about the impending disbanding of the Union of Estonian Latvian Socialist Republics (UELSR), but the warning went largely unnoticed until the UELSR was actually disbanded. The event triggered a small riot, which was quickly suppressed by the ESR military.

Transition to Democracy

On 5 March 2023, ETR began a transition to democracy by implementing more democratic laws and granting more freedom to its citizens. This move led to an increase in the nation's income and the Human Development Index (HDI), with the income rising by about 12% in the trading sector and the HDI increasing by 0.4.

Since the ending of all wars on 14 March 2023, the ETR has maintained peaceful relations with other nations. Although there were some tensions between ETR and the Estonian Republic of Kali that nearly resulted in a war between the nations, negotiations succeeded in avoiding conflict.

On 20 March 2022, a new flag designed by Jaanus Noormägi was selected for the ETR.

Politics and government

The Estonian Travaman Republic is a self-proclaimed Marxist-Leninist socialist one-party republic, with the Estonian Communist Party being the only recognized political party in the nation. The party is led by the first secretary Jaanus Noormägi. The Estonian Communist Party has complete control over the entire parliament and government, thus running the nation.

There also exists the Estonian SR Democratic Party in the ETR led by Andre, with many plans for the future. However, it remains a relatively small political force in the nation.

Political parties in the Estonian SR
Party Party Flag Party Leader Ideology(s) Classification Parliament
Estonian Communist Party
Jaanus Noormägi
First Secretary
3 / 5
Estonian SR Democratic Party
Flag of the Democratic Party of the Estonian SR.png
Liberalism, social democracy, social liberalism
1 / 5

Foreign relations

ETR has established diplomatic relations with Hasanistan and has engaged in negotiations with the Revalian Kingdom.

The ETR has declared its support for Ukraine in the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian War. The government expresses hope for a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

On 2022 November 5 the Estonian Republic of Kali contacted the ETR, requesting the coordinates of its location for the purpose of initiating a war. The ETR refused to comply and responded by mobilizing its defence forces. The ETR government stated that it has a strong military compared to other Estonian micronations and is confident in its ability to defend itself. The ETR military possesses advanced machinery and weapons, including airsofts.


The Estonian Travaman Republicc ETR has a small military force, reportedly consisting of four soldiers. The Marshal of the army is Jaanus Noormägi. ETR holds weekly training sessions for forest and field tactics. The army places a strong emphasis on respect and camaraderie among soldiers and with their commanders. The army is equipped with ATVs, old German army surplus from the 2000s, and Soviet equipment.

Since March 2023, ETR has intensified its military training, possibly in response to the emergence of new micronations in the Baltics, which could pose a risk to the nation's security. ETR is prepared to defend the Baltics, with the exception of some countries.


ETR agriculture is powerful, and probably one of the first to have one in the micronational world. It mostly produces grass bales for the market, but also trees. ETR is proud of its agriculture, as it has 34% of the nation's GDP (PPP)

ETR army emblem


The Estonian Travaman Republic is located in Estonia, in Northern Europe. It is enclaved by Estonia and situated slightly off-centre from the geographic centre of the country.


The Estonian Travaman Republic is divided into two districts: Travaktonia and Puurmani. Travaktonia district includes the capital Travaktonia district of EtR and is the most populous district. Puurmani district includes the smaller town of Puurmani.

Districts in the Estonian TR
Flag Name
Travaktonian Flag.png Travaktonia disctrict
Puurmani District.png Puurmani disctrict


The culture of the Estonian Travaman Republic is mostly based on the orthodox church and certain aspects of the catholic church. It is also based on old soviet traditions.

National holidays

Date Name of the event Description
6th-7th of January Christmas Christmas for orthodox people. Gregorian calendar.
23rd of February Defender of the fatherland day Honouring the Russian Civil war people and revolutionary people.. Gregorian calendar.
1st of May Workers day Workers day by the modern Gregorian calendar.
12th of August Independence day Is celebrated on the independence day of SRU and ESR.
9th of May Victory day Is celebrated for the fascist surrendering when the Soviets reached Berlin. A little parade is held to celebrate.
7th-10th of November October Revolution Is celebrated for the Bolshevik revolution against the Russian Tsardom.
25th-31st of December Year end Celebrating the old year and new year
New passport
Old flag of ESR.