Ethan I of New Amsterdam

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His Royal Highness
King Ethan I
King of New Amsterdam

King of New Amsterdam
Reign 28 February 2020 - present
Coronation None
Predecessor Throne Established
Heir Apparent Queen Poppy I
Personal Information
Born 22 January 2001 (2001-01-22) (age 22)
Leicester, UK
Citizenship  Kingdom of New Amsterdam
 United Kingdom
Nationality  Kingdom of New Amsterdam
Ethnicity English, Scottish, Amsterdonian
Political party Neutral as King of New Amsterdam
Other political
The Founding Party of New Amsterdam
Residence The Riverbank Parliament Building
Military service
Allegiance  Armed Forces of New Amsterdam
Service/branch Army
In service 2022-Present
Rank Colonel
Unit The King's Regiment

Ethan I, is the King of New Amsterdam. He reigns within the bounds outlined in The Constitution. The King oversees all government matters, including parliament, and has the authority to formally represent The Kingdom of New Amsterdam with plenipotentiary powers. He has the power to appoint all government positions, and manufacture new positions as needed. Citizenship is granted and revoked at the discretion of The King. Along with the Grand Minister, the King must sign all binding diplomatic agreements. The King keeps records of all territorial claims. The King oversees the national treasury.

Political career

The Kingdom of New Amsterdam

Personal Life

Ethan I was born on 22 January 2001 in Leicester, UK.


Ethan I was born in the UK and to later become a duel national of the UK and New Amsterdam upon its declaration of independence.

Awards & Honours

These are the awards and honours bestowed to King Ethan I for acts of support, courage, or appreciation towards a micronation.

Domestic Honours

 Kingdom of New Amsterdam - Founding Father of New Amsterdam - 28 February 2022

 Kingdom of New Amsterdam - Knight of the Order of New Amsterdam - 1 March 2022

Foreign Honours

King Ethan I is yet to receive any foreign honours.



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