Etrician Provisional Government

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Etrician Provisional Government
Létrician Govytai Tamipiral (Etrician)
Coat of arms of Etricia
Coat of arms
Anthem: Hymne nationali Létrician Fumhusrik Cépublis (Etrician)
"National Anthem of the Etrician Federal Republic"
StatusRecognised by one micronation
HeadquartersEtrician Chamber Building, Redstone
Official languagesEtrician
GovernmentProvisional government under a Federal presidental constitutional republic
Parsa Adriatic
Antoine Parisian (acting)
Raymond Gabrielson

The Etrician Provisional Government (Etrician: Létrician Govytai Tamipiral), is the current government of the Etrician Federal Republic since 26 July 2022.