Executive Office of the President (Silofais)

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Executive Office of the President
Formation6th September, 2017
(By presidential order)
Legal statusAdvisory organization
PurposeTo support and advise the President in the execution of their duties
Horatio Eden

The Executive Office of the President of the Republic of Silofais, known also as the Executive Office of the President or, alternatively, the Administration, is a presidential advisory council in the Republic of Silofais. Created by a presidential order issued by President Horatio Eden, the group is an advisory organization that serves to support the President in enacting their agenda.

The organization is composed of three positions, all of which are vacant.


Questions about the constitutional legality of a Press Secretary within the Eden administration were raised and, following legal debate with Silofaisan officials, President Horatio Eden issued Presidential Order 003, the third issuance of either a decree or a presidential order since his inauguration. The order created the Executive Office of the President, also known as the Administration, in order to support his agenda in office.


The Administration is made up of four positions: the President himself, who serves as the Chair of the organization, his Chief of Staff, who serves as the Vice-Chair and as the day-to-day administrator of the Executive Office and chief advisor to the President, the Press and Public Relations Secretary who represents him to the media, and the Legislative Affairs Director, who supports the President's agenda in the national legislature by liaising with Assembly officials.

Currently all of the positions are officially empty.


Office Incumbent Term began
President of Silofais Horatio Eden June 3, 2017
Chief of Staff Vacant N/A
Press Secretary Vacant N/A
Legislative Affairs Director Vacant N/A