FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Boycott

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FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Boycott
Founder Republic of Abenica
Intent Verbal protest against the Qatar for its human rights abuses
Participants 7 (2 diplomatic only)

The 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar Boycott is a peaceful protest initiative initiated by the Republic of Abenica, with the aim of drawing attention to the systematic violation of human rights in Qatar.


The initiative follows the official dismissal of an Algerian national team player from his Qatari team for scoring the goal that knocked Qatar out of the Arab Cup.[1]

In addition, there are strong rumours, not unfounded, about how Qatar was chosen to host the World Cup in the midst of a shady process involving bribes and all sorts of perks to senior FIFA officials,[2] the slavery conditions of workers preparing the World Cup,[3] and systematic violations of human rights.[4]

For all these reasons, the Prime Minister of Abenica, Jolker Ruizun, not finding any movement in the micronationalism that would have acted to boycott the World Cup in Qatar, decided to promote one from the micronation, for ethical and moral reasons, as a symbolic support for the victims of the brutal Qatari regime and the Western countries that look the other way for economic reasons when it comes to condemning human rights violations.

Boycotting micronations

To participate in the initiative, the micronation is only required to make an official announcement on its social media accounts or website.