Aleunnic Faltree

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Aleunnic Faltree
A view of Aleunnic Faltree
A view of Aleunnic Faltree
Flag of Aleunnic Faltree
Country Faltree
CapitalNew Albuquerque
 • TotalN/A

Aleunnic Faltree was a county in Faltree. It was located in the US state of Rhode Island. Originally it was a territory, but was integrated as a county on the 6 June 2021. Aleunnic Faltree was infamous for being a backwater and overall dangerous place. It was eventually ceded to the Aleunnic Workers' Republic.


An image made by Owen Bean

Aleunnic Faltree has become almost a meme in Faltree, as it is the most dangerous and backwater part of Faltree by far. The area the county encompasses is overall hostile over prolonged periods of time without the proper equipment. Graffiti is common in Aleunnic Faltree and there is a general sense of lawlessness, accompanied by frequent littering of trash and liquor bottles. These factors along with people joking about the condition of Aleunnic Faltree has made it subject to multiple jokes. Aleunnic Faltree has been compared to New Mexico and The Bronx, a common joke being that Breaking Bad took place in Aleunnic Faltree.