Faltrian Stalwart League

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Faltrian Stalwart League
ChairmanHunt Powell
Founded7 January 2023
Headquarters New Havre, Faltree
Membership (2023)8
IdeologyCatholicism, Despotism, Anti-Imperialism
Political positionCentre
ColorsRed, Black, Blue
Faltrian Cabinet
2 / 6
Faltrian Senate
6 / 21

The Faltrian Stalwart League was a political party in the State of Faltree, founded by Hunt Powell on 7 January 2023. It was headquartered in New Havre and was represented nationally in the 6th Faltrian Senate. It rose to national prominence after absorbing the Solidarity and Union Bloc parties, gaining 3 seats in the Senate and assuming control over the Interior Ministry through Interior Minister Connor Shaw. Members of the party were often called Stalwarts.


Solidarity merged into the Stalwarts during the initial founding of the party, immediately giving the Stalwarts a seat within the Faltrian Senate on 7 January. Union Bloc was officially merged into the Stalwarts on the 9 January, giving the party three more Senators and control of the Interior Ministry. The Faltrian People's Party for Democracy merged into the Stalwarts on 22 January, bringing the Stalwarts to five seats in the Faltrian Senate.