Fantastic Federation of Ssink

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Fantastic Federation of Ssink
[[File:{{{image1}}}|125px|border|Flag of Fantastic Federation of Ssink]]
Motto: 'Excellent, Excellenter, Ssinku'
File:Klakistan (fantasy continent)
Largest cityBig City of Red
Official languagesSsimple, Ssinku, Ssongu
GovernmentFederal republic
EstablishmentLate 2005
• Census
Time zoneUTC+3 (Ssinku Western Time), UTC+4 (Ssinku Eastern Time), UTC+4:35 (National Summer Time)

The Fantastic Federation of Ssink (/səsɪŋk/, s'sink) was a fantasy nation, created in late 2005 for a major class project by Michael Sander (who would later go on to become the Prime Minister of Optima), Jack Ralph, and Jennifer Lee.


While most other nations created by others for the project (such as Port Billabong, Roxy Bay, and Port Piping Hot) were named after surfwear and other clothing brands, the name Ssink was made up by Lee. It was initially widely disliked, but ceased to be a point of contention after Lee lost interest in the nation.


Government and politics

Representatives from each Fruit Fly Control Zone (equivalent to a state or province in most federations) legislated in the national parliament. Ministers were elected directly, instead of being appointed by another leader.

Law and order

Foreign relations

All the nations made for the class project were required to join the Klakistani Union, its other members being Port Billabong, Billabong Bay, Roxy Bay, Phoenixonia, Billabong Beach, Port Piping Hot, Roxy Island (which is not actually an island), Bondsville, Hotdogs!, and Happyville.


Geography and climate


Unlike most Klakistani countries, Sskink had major industries besides rubber, such as copper, natural gas, and sausagefruit.

The entire nation's power was supplied by one hollowed-out mountain filled with many gas turbines.


Ssink had three official languages, though they could be considered the same language with three very different registers. Which one is spoken depends on who is being spoken to.


The only broadcaster in Ssink is Hexagonal Television, which is wholly owned by the Ministry of Defence’s Office of Propaganda. It broadcasts mostly educational programmes about Ssinku industry, interspersed with news and comprehensive profiles of randomly selected citizens.

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