Farhan's speech on Libyan Civil War

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Farhan Abdurrahman in 2011

Indokistani president Farhan Abdurrahman delivered a speech concerning Libyan Civil War in front of Indokistani public on March 2011. On the speech, Farhan declares Indokistani government opposition against United States and NATO decision to intervene in Libya, and pleaded Indokistani support to the Libyan peoples.

The speech receives mixed reactions, but generally a positive response among Indokistani citizens and Indonesian sector micronationalists. It became one of the most remembered moments from Farhan's presidency, as Indokistan took an official position concerning on macronational issue and publicly announce it to the micronational community, proving his power and boldness while also consolidating citizens support around him.


A demonstration ended violently in Benghazi on February 2011 sparked a large-scale rebellion in Libya, aimed against Gaddafi's regime that the opposition rebel hope could topple. With the country's situation quickly deteoriating, United Nations Security Council immediately issued Resolution no. 1973, calling for restoration of law and order in Libya. Using the resolution as justification, and further after it was allowed by the UN, NATO decided to send troops to Libya in March, with pretext to restoring peace. On 19 March, NATO troops then started their attack on Libya's Gaddafi forces, which severely harmed his troops and manpower.

Libyan Civil War has been greatly scritunised by Indokistani politicians, which previously saw Libya as a good example of governance. Indokistani politicians began to express their disagreement on NATO intervention, with the final resolution on the official condemnation was unanimously approved inside the parliament. Seeing that the event would provide a good chance for the president to showcasing himself and Indokistan, prime minister Nabil Ihsan then convince Farhan to address a speech publicly to announce the resolution. Initially reluctant, Farhan then gained his confidence and agreed for such arrangement.

On March 26, a room was prepared in Farhangrad, Jumstraad for Farhan's speech. It was prepared by Dicky L. K. as director, and Nabil as filming manager, which both agreed to record and publish the speech. Indokistani citizens was invited to attend. Farhan starting his address shortly after 14.00.


On the start of the speech, he first greet Indokistani "peoples, comrades, and friends", and afterwards explaining a "hard situation" in Libya, which he described narratively. Farhan then stated that such action was completely unacceptable, saying that NATO (and the United States) only cares for Libyan oil, which he believes that Indokistanis were able to see the true motive on the intervention. After that Farhan declares that Indokistan would not be fooled by the intervention, and officially condemn NATO intervention in Libyan Civil War - this part of the speech would became the most famous part from the entire lines. Closing his remarks, Farhan then hopes that God would "protect Libyan soil from foreign invaders", and afterwards ended his speech.

..the United States thinks that they are the only one who will brings peace and democracy in Libya...but they only wanted their large oil fields. The United States may fool the world, but they cannot fool Indokistan,..

The speech only lasted for 2 minutes, but its impact was very huge. Indokistani citizens attending the speech immediately cheers and praised Farhan, because he successfully express their unified opinion on the intervention. The speech was recorded by the national television and published to YouTube on 27 March.


The speech receives mixed reactions, but generally a positive response. Shortly after the publication of the speech, Indokistani public declares their support on Farhan. The public sees Farhan as a strong and bold leader, mainly because of Farhan's "bravery" to express his view regarding on an international issue. The speech also responded positively on Indonesian micronational circle, with micronational leaders praised Farhan for his position, and took him as an example for such actions. Los Bay Petrosian government said that his speech was done "in a Russian style". Despite on those positive response, some other politicians disagreed with Farhan's remarks, with some of them dubbed his stance premature and without a proper argument.


The speech became the first time when Indokistan declares its official position on international issue, which became the main reason the speech was greatly applauded. After the speech, Indokistani government no longer publish any official position on international issue until July 2014, when Indokistani government unanimously declares its opposition against Islamic State of Iraq and Syria in the context of Israel-Palestinian Conflict during the state leaders meeting.

The speech also notable for setting Indokistani foreign doctrine of non-interventionism, by declaring that such action is unacceptable. Despite on this, non-interventionism only officially recognised as Indokistani foreign doctrine in 2015, when the clause was ratified in the constitution.

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