February 2022 Melitian general election

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February 2022 Melitian General Election

← 2021 27 February 2022 October 2022 →

All 16 seats in the Parliament of Melite
8 seats needed for a majority
  Majority party Minority party Third party
Candidate Matthew Tonna[a] Vincent Paul Simon Reeve
Party Christian Nationalist Directionist Party Melite Now!
Leader since 2020 2021 2021
Last election 2021 2021 N/A
Seats before 4 None None
Seats won 8 4 3
Seat change 4 4 3

  Fourth party
Candidate Rishi Patel
Leader Ted Kaz
Party Anarchist Party
Last election 2021[b]

Premier of Melite before election

Arama Vella
National Alliance Front

Elected Premier of Melite

Vincent Paul[c]

General Elections were to be held in Melite on 27 February 2022 to elect Members of the Parliament of Melite, following the reform in the number of seats, through the pasing of the Districts Act of 2022,[1] increasing them from 4 to 16, permitting more political plurality. In total, four parties filled candidates in the general election. This election was held in the districts of Melite, and excluded Socialist Fgura. Interestingly enough, this was the first election in which no popular vote was required, as 16 candidates, the number needed to fill the Parliament, fielded themselves.

The former National Alliance Front coalition which totally controlled the Melitian Parliament was dissolved after the TT Party's dissolving. The Christian Nationalist Party managed not just to retain, but also to strengthen its majority, gaining another 4 seats in this election, increasing the total to 8, though still not enough to govern alone. The CNP, the Directionists and the Anarchists formed Coalition Government together, putting Melite Now! in opposition.

Pre-election composition

Party Seats
Christian Nationalist Party 2
TT Party 3

Participating parties

Name Founded Leader Main ideology Political position
Christian Nationalist Party 2021 Matthew Tonna Christian Nationalism Right-wing to Far-right
Directionist Party 2021 Vincent Paul Directionism Centre
Anarchist Party 2021 Ted Kaz Anarchism Left-wing
Melite Now! 2022 Simon Reeve Secularism Left-wing


This election was quiet with regards to campaigns, as no sort of campaigning was held, due to the lack of opposition to anyone of the candidates' candidacies.


Party Seats /
Christian Nationalist Party 8 4
Directionist Party 4 4
Anarchist Party 1 1
Melite Now! 3 New
Total 16 12



  1. The President of Melite is an ex-officio a Member of Parliament, though other candidates ran for MPs with his party.
  2. The Party had lost its seat due to a resignation.
  3. Paul would later ask for an interim Premier to temporarily replace him, and Jayden Dagsa was chosen to temporarily administer the interim role.


  1. Melitian Government, 9 January 2022, 1/2022 District Act