February 2022 Roscamistan presidential election

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Febuary 2022 Roscamistan presidential election

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Turnout14 votes (28%)
Nominee Doros Patusky Ludwig Collins Shaun Jacobs
Party United Party Independent Independent
Home state  Mervustan  Galway City  Greater Roscam
Running mate Thomas Jacobs Sean Mulryan Leonard Jacobs
Popular vote 7 4 3
Percentage 50% 28.6% 21.4%

Nominee Samuel Newman
Party Independent
Home state  Greater Roscam
Running mate Paddy Lees
Popular vote 0
Percentage 0%

Election results

President before election

Thomas Jacobs

Elected President

Doros Patusky

The 2022 Roscamistan presidential election was the first official presidential election in Roscamistan’s history, and was the second free election of the history in Roscamistan. The election was scheduled for 18 February 2022 after the enactment of the second constitution in November 2021.

It was announced in December 2021 that incumbent President Thomas Jacobs was not running in the election and would be stepping down after the end of the inauguration.

Time and eligibility to vote


The election was over three days, from 18 February 2022 to 20 February 2021. The 18th was chosen as on that day, Thomas Jacobs declared the Republic of Roscamistan in the playground in Roscam. The voting opened at midnight on the 18th, and closed at midnight the 20th. The results were announced on the 21st, with the confirmation of the new President decided at a later date.

Eligibility to vote

All citizens of Roscamistan were allowed to vote in the election, on the conditions they were over the age of 12 and held citizenship atleast the day before the election.

Stepping down of Thomas Jacobs as President

In December 2021, long time President Thomas Jacobs, who founded the republic, announced to the Cabinet he would not be running in the next presidential election. He was later asked by his second Vice President, Doros Patusky why this was. He later stated

The reason I am declining to run is to allow someone else a chance to have some power in Roscamistan, of course if the people need me, I’ll return. But from now until the election, I’m going to do my job like normal.

He later stated he would remain the Foreign Secretary and the Prime Minister of the Province of Greater Roscam.


When the polls closed on 20 February 2022, Doros Patusky won the vote by simple majority, and became the first President of Roscamistan to be democratically elected. He was slated to assume the office on or around 18 March 2022. Due to him missing his inauguration on the day, First Secretary of State Culann Burke became Acting President. Burke was later later overthrown on 26 March 2022 by Jan Kotoński, with Patusky inaugurated on 8 April 2022.


United Party

When the election season was in full swing, the United Party was the only registered party at the time, and thus making it the only party to nominate a candidate, as all others were independents.

Selected candidate

When incumbent President at the time Thomas Jacobs announced he would not run, he publicly announced that he, as party leader would endorse his Vice President, Doros Patusky for President.



  • Ludwig Collins: Secretary of State for Finance (2022-present), Chief of the Defence Staff (2021, 2022-present)
  • Samuel Newman: Speaker of the Unterhaus (2021-2022)
  • Shaun Jacobs: Minister of State for South African Affairs (2021-present)

Vice President

  • Sean Mulryan: Second Secretary of State (2022)
  • Paddy Lees: Activist
  • Leonard Jacobs: Activist

Publicly expressed interest

Dropped out