Federal Chancellor of Zealandia

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Zealandian Alternate National Flag.png Federal Chancellor of Zealandia Zealandian Alternate National Flag.png
Förbundskansler av Förbundsrepubliken Zeelandien
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The Right Honourable
Marshal Charlotte Lindström RL OWC OZL ORS

Formation October, 2012 (Official)

Term length Usually one year at the President's pleasure

Appointed by President of the Federal Republic of Zealandia

Inaugural holder Charlotte Lindström

The Federal Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Zealandia (Swedish: Förbundskansler av Förbundsrepubliken Zeelandien) also known as the Federal Chancellor of Zealandia (Swedish: Zeelandiens Förbundskansler) was the secretary of the Federal Council of Zealandia and de-facto deputy Head of state of Zealandia.

The Federal Chancellor was appointed by the Zealandian president and serves at his or her pleasure.

The office of Federal Chancellor was first created in October 2012, following the abolishment of the post of Prime Minster.

The only Federal Chancellor of Zealandia was Charlotte Lindstrom, appointed on October 8, 2012.

Qualifications for Office

  • Zealandian citizenship
  • Of age to vote (16)


The Federal Chancellor is appointed by the president of the day and holds office at his or her pleasure


In addition to the natural end, the mandate can be stopped by:

  • Voluntary resignation;
  • Death;
  • Permanent inability;
  • Dismissal for the crime of attacking the Constitution.
  • Vote of No confidence in the National Peoples' Assembly (in convention only)
  • Dismissal by the President

Federal Administrator

The Constitution did not create an office of Federal Vice President. If the President is unable or the position is vacant, the Federal Chancellor of Zealandia or failing that the Federal Council fills in as temporary, acting President in a position known as Federal Administrator. If the President dies, or is removed from office, a successor is elected within thirty days. However since the establishment of the office this has only occurred once during the resignation of Charlotte Lindstrom who then became Federal Administrator.

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