Federal Consul election 2016

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Federal Consul election 2016

26 December 2016
Candidate Mr H Whittingham New constitution not necessary
Party independent
States carried 1
Popular vote 9
Percentage 90% 10%

Elected Federal Consul

Mr H Whittingham

The Federal Consul election of 2016 took place to decide the first Federal Consul of the Free Empire of Highland. Although the new constitution had been adopted the very same day some citizens desired it to be revoked. Therefore the election turned into a referendum on the constitution. With only one candidate standing for Federal Consul, Mr H Whittingham. He won his first term as Federal Consul in a landslide 90% victory. Helped by the fact there was widespread national support for the constitution and that he had had governing experience within the new nation; he served as president during the uncodified constiution period. All citizens (members of the National Convention of Citizens) were able to vote.