Federal Government of Azore

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The Federal Government of the Azorean Republic is the national government of the Azorean Republic. The Government consists of three branches, the Judicial, Executive and Legislative.

Federal Government of Azore
Formation16 February 2022
JurisdictionAzorean Republic
Legislative branch
Executive branch
AppointerDirect Election
Main organCabinet
Judicial branch
CourtSupreme Court


The Federal Government was formed on the 16th of February 2022 by Luke of Wellmoore after forming the Azorean Republic.


The legislative branch of the Government is the Congress, which is Bicameral. It consists of the Chamber of Deputies and Senate.

Makeup of Congress

Chamber of Deputies

The Chamber of Deputies consists of a number of elected members, known as "Deputies", who represent each state. The number of Deputies for each state varies depending on each state's population.

To be elected a Deputy, Azorean Citizenship is required. There is no limit to the amount of terms a Deputy may serve.


The Senate consists of 2 Senators from each state, each are appointed by the Governor of each state. All ex-Presidents are guaranteed a spot on the Senate after they leave office if they wish to remain in Azorean politics. There are no term limits for those in the Senate.


Each house has unique powers. The Senate must approve a number of Presidential decisions including the appointment of Justices on the Supreme Court, Commissioning Military Officers as well as Ambassadors to foreign nations. The approval of both the Chamber and Senate is required to pass all legislation, unless it receives the President's signature or it is vetoed by the President.

Impeachment of Federal Officers

Congress may impeach presidents, federal officers and other federal judges. First however, the Chamber of Deputies must pass a vote of no confidence and they then may vote to impeach.

Powers of Congress

The powers of Congress include:

  • Collect Taxes
  • Regulate the Nation's Currency's Value
  • Create Federal Courts inferior to the Supreme Court
  • Declare War
  • Raise and Support Armed Forces
  • Create Regulations for the Military
  • Make Laws



Executive Powers

Executive Power is invested in the President of the Azorean Republic. Many presidential actions are undertaken via executive-orders and presidential proclamations.


The President is elected by terms of Direct Election. Pre-election each party typically nominates a Presidential Candidate - normally this is the party leader but bay be someone else elected as candidate by their party.

Veto Powers

The President can sign acts into law or veto proposed bills, by returning it to the Chamber in which it came. The President may also adjourn Congress if the Deputies and Senators are divided.


The Minister-President sits as Chief Officer in the Chamber of Deputies. In the event of the President leaving office early the Vice President would take over as Acting President and the Minister-President would become Acting Vice-President while also holding their leadership over the Deputies.


Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is the highest federal court in Azore. It may ordain and establish some inferior courts.

The Chief Justice, who chairs the Supreme Court, may also preside over the impeachment trials of Presidents.


Offices such as President and State Governors are directly elected. Others such as Deputies are elected via First Past the Post or by Appointment.

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