Federal Language Act (Koss)

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Federal Language Act
Proposed 6 January 2013
Ratified on 9 January 2013
Legislature I Grand Assembly of Koss, Arceu
Proposer Lucas Campos

Federal Language Act of the Grand Assembly of Koss was an act passed on 9 January 2013, and it was the first law to be passed by the Kossian legislature in 2013.

The Act was the first of many officialization acts in 2013. It was proposed on Lucas Campos on 8 January 2013 and it wasn't received well at first but the voting still managed for it to be passed. The Act described Koss as a multiculturalist Federation with three(3) federal languages: English, Portuguese and Papian. While those are the federal languages and are required to be used by private companies, in billboards and administrative purposes, each Canton can have its own cantonal language, the Act lists the languages of: Kossian Gallifreyan, Cacarian and French as cantonal languages of different regions.