Federal Police (Aarland)

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Federal Police
Федеральная Полиция, Bundespolizei
Founded20 August 2020
Country Aarland
BranchPolice Force
RoleLaw enforcement
Part of Armed Forces of Aarland
Nickname(s)Khakis (Russian: Хаки)
ColorsGreen, White
EquipmentUmarex Glock 17 BB Gun, Pepper Spray
Counselor for JusticeVacant
Officer in chargeVacant
Aircraft flown
Patrol2 x Phantom-type Patrol UAV

The Federal Police is the federal law enforcement agency of Aarland. It is a part of the Department of Justice of Aarland and is responsible for peacekeeping and law enforcement across the whole country.


Aarland has a phenomenally low crime rate. The majority of offenses are petty crimes and misdemeanors which occur rarely. There were a few instances of burglaries in the state's premises but those were handled by the Russian and Spanish police forces due to their foreign origin.


The force is led by the Chief of Police in the rank of Colonel of Force who is appointed by the Councilor for Justice with the approval of the National Administration.
Each of the four lands and the Federal District of Bergland have an officer, usually in the rank of Captain, in charge of local operations. This position may often be occupied by the Land Executive but a separate officer can also be appointed.


Ranks are the same as in the other branches of the Department of Justice:

  1. Chief of Police (Polizeihauptinspektor)
  2. Colonel (Polizeioberst)
  3. Captain (Polizeikomissar)
  4. Lieutenant (Polizeileutnant)
  5. Sergeant (Polizeihauptmeister)
  6. Senior Officer (Polizeiobermeister)
  7. Officer (Polizeimeister)

Emergency Dispatch

Emergencies and claims can be submitted to the Police via the Aarlandian government services Telegram Bot, however, in case of a life-threatening or out of state emergency it is highly advised to contact foreign emergency services via the 112 phone number.

Customs and Border Protection

The Federal Police, alongside with the DOJ Border Safety Division, is responsible for border protection and maintains passport control and foreign nationals registration. Meanwhile, customs are handled by the Department of Finance's Customs Authority (Zöll).