Federal President of Eniarku

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Federal President of Eniarku
Федеральний Президент
EC Exec. Office of the FP logo.png
Logo of the Executive Office

Eniarkian Confederation FP Seal.png
Official Seal

His Excellency,
Aaron Meek
Since October 24, 2011

Formation October 24, 2011

Term length At the National Council's discretion

Appointed by National Council

Inaugural holder Aaron Meek

The Federal President of Eniarku (Федеральний Президент) is the head of government of the Eniarkian Confederation. The Federal President is the leader of a political coalition in the National Council and presides over the Cabinet, as well as a few other federal agencies.

The Federal President is appointed by the National Council, and in turn he or she appoints the Cabinet. His or her political party in the National Council must not be opposed by a majority. If a government loses in a vote of no confidence, the Federal President is permitted to remain in office on the condition that he or she is able to replace the dismissed members of government within one month's time.

The Federal President has the power to dismiss the Federal Cabinet, along with the Federal Chancellor, however, is not necessarily obligated to do so. The person in the position also serves as the executive of the canton of Vicis, but a separate title for that seat has not yet been established. The Federal President has a fairly wide political influence, as his or her power is nearly equal to the Federal Chancellor. He or she must also ratify all laws passed by the National Council.

The incumbent Federal President of Eniarku is Aaron Meek. He is the first president, and the first member of the Labour Party to serve. While he is a member of a political party, however, there are no opposing political parties as of December 2011, meaning he is serving without a coalition government.

Other Standards

Flag Date Use Description
Eniarkian Confederation FP Standard.png October 24, 2011- Presidential flag Ratio: 1:1
Unclear use status; sometimes used as presidential naval jack.