Federal Republic of Arkonia

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Federal Republic of Arkonia
Flag of Federal Republic of Arkonia
Coat of arms of Federal Republic of Arkonia
Coat of arms
Motto: Jen Nia Lando(English: This is our country)
Anthem: Arkonia, Our Home and Land!
Arkonia within USA: The Capital(1), the Alueets of Ware(2), Galym(3), Fürgava(4), Anatu(5), Arkavia(6). Click to expand.
Arkonia within USA: The Capital(1), the Alueets of Ware(2), Galym(3), Fürgava(4), Anatu(5), Arkavia(6). Click to expand.
and largest city
Arkonia City
Official languagesEnglish, German, Esperanto
GovernmentFederative parliamentary republic
Establishment23 January 2019
(not including people living inside of Arkonian borders but unaware of what Arkonia is) census
CurrencyUS Dollar ($)
Time zoneUTC-6
Preceded by
Federal Kingdom of Arkonia

The Federal Republic of Arkonia, a sociopolitical government project, more commonly known as a micronation, was founded on January 23, 2019, after the Federal Kingdom of Arkonia decided to transition to a republican form of government after King Tony I abdicated in mid-January.


In November 2017, the 1st Prime Minister founded the Federal Kingdom of Arkonia with his brother. They both agreed on Arkonia as a name. The term Arkonia is the local short form. "Arkonian" is the term for a citizen(denonym) of Arkonia. When the government transitioned to a parlimentary republican, the name changed from Kingdom to Republic.


Constitution Signed

Page 1 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Arkonia.

The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Arkonia was created in January 2019 and was originally just a slight transition of the government of the Federal Republic of Arkonia. However, after a conversation, King Tony said that he would probably want to abdicate and have the government change to a republican form of government. This led The Prime Minister of the Federal Kingdom of Arkonia, the writer of the constitution, to have the constitution be for a republic instead of a kingdom. The Constitution was worked on and finally adopted on 23 January 2019. King Tony became the representative for Ware Alueet. All the current members of the Legislative Assembly were transferred to become members of the House of Representatives of Arkonia and the first elections(of the House of Representatives and the High Assembly) were planned for mid-April 2019.

Government and politics

Guiding ideologies

Political Loopism

This ideology suggests that the political spectrum was not a line, but was instead a loop.


As Arkonia was a parlimentary republic, the Executive Branch was dependent on the legislature. The cheif executive of Arkonia was the Prime Minister, who is a member of the legislature, more specifically the House of Representatives.

Executive Departments

The Prime Minister has control of the Executive Departments of Arkonia. These departments are laid out in the constitution, but none have been officially created yet.

The Cabinet

The Cabinet qas made up of the leaders of the executive departments. The Prime Minister choosed one of these ministers to become the Deputy Prime Minister. The position of Deputy Prime Minister was largely honorary, except whenever the Prime Minister was unable to serve, the Deputy Prime Minister tool over.

Legislative Branch

The Legislative branch of Arkonia maked laws for Arkonia.

High Assembly

The High Assembly jas like the Senate of the United States. It was the upper house of the Arkonian Legislature. It was made up of one seat per subdivision.

House of Representatives

The House of Representatives was elected by the people choosing which party they prefer. The seats were then proportionally given out based on the results.


The Judicial system had not been developed in Arkonia, as there have been no cases. The highest court in the Federal Republic wass the High Court.

Political Parties

Party Logo Party Leaders Ideology Representatives in the House Representatives in the High Assembly
Arkonian Patriot Party (APP) PatriotPartyArkonia.png A. Dillman social liberalism, economic conservatism
1 / 6
0 / 1
Arkonian Communist Party (ACP) CommunistPartyArkonia.png Tony I Communism
0 / 6
0 / 1
Arkonian Social Democratic Party (ASDP) SocialDemocraticPartyArkonia.png B. Dillman Social Democracy
1 / 6
0 / 1
Arkonian Absolutist Party (AAP) AbsolutistParty.png R. Ponder Absolute Monarchism
1 / 6
0 / 1
Arkonian Memist Party (AMP) MemeistParty.png K. Singleton[1] Memes
0 / 6
0 / 1
Independent N/A N/A N/A
0 / 6
0 / 1

Geography and climate


Physical Geograpy

Political Geography




Arkonia has been working lately on devloping its culture the fullest extent possible.


There were plans by the Prime Minister to develop a book. This book would most likely be alternate history, but the plans haven't finalized.

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