Federal Republic of Emerity

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Federal Republic of Emerity
Flag Great Seal
National Anthem:
" Talking God House Song, Beauty Way Song" (temporary)
Hózhǫ́ Náhásdlį́į́’
Capital Gallup

Official languages Navajo, Native American languages

Demonym New Native American, Native-American

Government Federal
President Tim Jefferson
Emerity Vice-President Girlie Jefferson (ELP)

Legislature House of Senate
Seats 3

– Creation of the F.R.E. 21 December 2001
– Established as a micronation 20 January 2009

– Citizens 110
– Residence 106

Currency Emero ($)

Time zone Mountain: UTC-7/-5

Country code FRE (proposed)

Internet TDL .fe(proposed)

Drives on the Right (proposed)

Date formats Holocene calendar

Government Website

Federal Republic of Emerity, officially the Republic of Emerity, is a micronation in North America. Republic of Emerity is a [1] Republic Federal Republic of two states. The capital city is Gallup.



The R.N.N. was founded by three people who wanted to build a nation of hope, and a nation that lean with liberty. It was a nation


The U.D.D.R. took control of the nation, as the Conservative Republican group united with moderate Democrats, and like minded Independents over took the Office of the President, and Tribal Council; it withdrew the RNN Constitution and laws; thence implementing a new form of government. As time wore on in late 2003, the Democrats and Tim Jefferson and his Liberal Party over powered the UDDR government and re-enforce the RNN Constitution and laws. The people united behind the Liberal Democrats to form the new government.

The Republic

On 31 October 2004 the Moderate Democrats in Congress and Left leaning Democrats approved a new form of government, therefore seceding the Republic of Navajo Nation. The President of RNN Tim Jefferson also walked out of the RNN and joined the Republic. Immediately two of the three States seceded from the RNN and join the Republic. A new government was form, and Parliament of 30 members form the new Legislature. A Prime Minister was selected by the powerful Liberal Democrat Party Liberal Democrat Party Tim Jefferson was once again sworn in to serve his people. On 2 November 2009 the newly sworn in Prime Minister endorsed then United States Presidential Candidate John Kerry (D-MA). A mock poll was set up in two States and for those outside the nation online; by a landslide Senator Kerry took the Republic with 75 votes to George Bush's 6 votes. Despite the strong Conservative base in the State of Talking God, President Jefferson was a strong influence to voters.

Federal Republic of Emerity

On 1 February 2007 Senator Erin Riley Lewis (D-TG) introduced "Government Reform ACt of 2007: SB 1800" along with co-sponsors Sen. Lionel Wilson (D-TG), Sen. Henry Roy Lewis (R-TG), Sen. Rick Martin (D-TG), and Sen. Tina Bety Jefferson (R-CW). The bill passed 9 of the 11 Committees. On the final passing of the bill Sen. Erin Lewis stated "Shi Dine'e, its time that we look beyond these four sacred Navajo mountains. Its time we make our nation stronger by showing the rest of the world that we here can be the ultimate Democratic government in the universe." The bill passed with 23 in favor, 2 opposing, and 5 abstaining. The Liberal Democrat Senators compromise of 21 members, the Conservative Republicans composed of 6 and Independent of 3. of this the Liberals all voted in favor, along with two independent. The nays were one Independent and one Republican, the abstainers were 5 Republicans. Soon after the President sign the bill, and was passed on to the voters to approve. On 20 April 2007 with 121 eligible voters, 98 voted in favor, 23 against and 0 not voting. The bill was soon executed and established the new government, the Federal Republic of Emerity.

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Views on Micronational Unification

The President and Congress find that unification is needed to

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