Federal Republic of Eurastoria

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Federal Republic of Eurastoria
Flag of Federal Republic of Eurastoria
Coat of arms of Federal Republic of Eurastoria
Coat of arms
Motto: Libertate, aequalitate, coniunctorum Fraternitati
Anthem: Our Home, Eurastoria
LocationUnited States (de facto)
Aurora, Illinois (de jure)
GovernmentFederal Presidential Constitutional republic
• President
R.J Bratt (LMP)
Aidyn Bratt (UNP)
Ryan Bratt
Ryan Lynch
R.J Bratt
House of Representatives
• Estimate
CurrencyUnited States dollar (de jure)

The Federal Republic of Eurastoria, more commonly known as Eurastoria, is a micronation in the United States. Eurastoria started as the Eurastorian Reich, a fascist totalitarian dictatorship that lasted only a week. The Reich government members refused to work with the fascist government and were more open to a conservative government. A day later the Führer disbanded the Reich and became the Executive President of the Republic of Eurastoria and then replaced the Reich government offices with democratic offices. A referendum was held to create the Federal States and install a federal government and a new flag and name. The President held a referendum if a prime minister was in charge and approved by the Parliament. The Prime Minister wanted a congress instead of a Parliament, so he renamed the upper and lower houses (the house of representatives and the Senate).

The Federal Republic of Eurastoria is a Federal semi-presidential Parliamentary Constitutional Republic. The Republic is split into Fourteen different states and two of them are commonwealths. Territories are administered by a governor, but at this time Eurastoria does not own any territories outside Eurastoria. The economy of Eurastoria consists of Agriculture and Manufacturing annually. Major companies in Eurastoria include Fedmarket and FREPS (Federal Republic of Eurastoria Postal Service).

The Federal Republic of Eurastoria has plans on joining the GUM and the Union Against Micronational War but the President says that will come sometime in the future.


The name Eurastoria was created by the Führer of the Eurastorian Reich.


The Eurastorian Reich was created by the Führer Aidyn Bratt, who at the time supported non-racist fascism. He supported militarism in the Eurastorian Reich and tried building a large army using conscription and propaganda. This type of militarism failed since no one wanted to join his army. He later disbanded the Reich after one week. He then became the President and created the Union for the New Republic party, a conservative, nationalist, and Trumpist party. He created the constitution guaranteeing rights to the citizens. Aidyn also Declared Independence from the United States by issuing the declaration of independence. He created a military by issuing the Federal Military Decree, later that day he issued the Peoples Tax Statute which would lay out what income and how much taxes had to be paid to the government. He also made the Speech Act which made it so if there is a government emergency the government will say there is an emergency. The 2021 Eurastorian Presidential Election will be held on June 10, 2021, to determine the new president of Eurastoria. The Eurastorian Civil War started when Conner Seeman led a rebellion against Aidyns government is hoping to overturn the election in June, the civil war is ongoing.

Politics and government

The government type is a Federal semi-presidential parliamentary constitutional republic. The government currently has 14 ministries of government. This is how Congress works, a representative will propose a law or act in the House of Representatives, if it passes it moves to the senate, and the senate has to vote on it, and then the president and prime minister will pass it or veto it.

Law and order

The Supreme Court is the Main Judicial system with nine justices, it is run by Chief Justice Ryan Ainsworth. The Federal Eurastorian Police is the law enforcement body of the Federal Republic of Eurastoria

Foreign relations

The Federal Republic of Eurastoria recognizes all UN members. The FRE does not have any relations as of May 12, 2021.


The Military is divided into four branches, the Eurastorian Army, Eurastorian Navy, Eurastorian Air Force, and finally the Eurastorian National Guard. It was involved in the Eurastorian Civil War.

Geography and climate

The Climate is very warm in summer, cold in winter.


The Federal Republic of Eurastoria has two corporations (mostly military). We have classified some fiscal information and financial information.

Culture and media

We have immigration services, we don't allow everyone into our country. The Federal Ministry for Education takes education really seriously and makes numerous reforms to try to help both the students and teachers. We have 2 people skilled in the arts. Freedom of the Press is guaranteed throughout the republic. Eurastoria plans on having 6 tv shows coming soon.

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