Federal Republic of Korean Peninsula

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Federal Republic of the Korean Peninsula
Korean flag.jpg
Emperor of Korea Kotohito
President(Reichskommissar) Zeiryo
Founding year 2020
representative President
Political system Social democracy, empire
Government facilities Reichskommissar Governor-General,governor's residence

The Federal Republic of the Korean Peninsula Micronation of Busan and Nagasaki Prefecture, which was founded by Wakoku federation by declaring Busan Incorporation Treaty. It is one of the countries that have declared the Third Korea and tolerate the rule of Mimana in ancient Wakoku.

The Governor's Residence independently acknowledges all South Korean micronations in a statement in November 2021, but states that Silla, Baekje, Goguryeo, and Mimana are the peninsula republics of Busan from South Korea and North Korea. It has announced that it has merged part of its housing.