Federal Republic of Penta-Schlafzimmer

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Federal Republic of Penta-Schlafzimmer
Motto: none
CapitalAdministrative District of Shelby [?]
Official languagesnone
Recognised national languages
Ethnic groups
White Americans, Black Americans, Mexican Americans, Flilipino Americans, and Puerto Ricans (pre-Census)
None Christianity (recognized)
GovernmentQuasi-Semi-Presidential System
President Erickson
Prime Minister C.G. Lafollette
LegislatureNational Parliamentary Congress
• Unification
November, 10th, 2020
• Estimate
12 (pre Census)
GDP (nominal)$0 estimate
• Total
• Per capita
CurrencyHi-Chew (backed by US Dollar)
Time zonePacific Standard Time and Central Time

The Federal Republic of Penta-Schlafzimmer, commonly known as the F.R.P.S., the Federal Republic, and Penta-Schlafzimmer, is a micronation located in North America within the United States. Consisting of the Former Nations, the Schlafzimmer Republik, the Republic of Stuart, and the Pentapolis Empire, it retains all of the former Schlafzimmer and Stuart borders but lost a significant portion of Pentapolis due to socialist uprisings and a mass exodus of its citizens prior to the Declaration of Unification.


People and Culture


It's current lands are divided into Territories, which functions as a state or province. They include the Territories of the Kingdom of Shelby, Old Prosperity, and New Prussia. It's capital is within the Kingdom Of Shelby Territory, the Administrative District of Shelby.

Historical Events

National Holidays

Unification Day

Independence Day

Intermicronational Affairs

The Federal Republic is a observing member state of the European League of Micronations.

Awards and Recipients

Presidential Medal of Excellence - Awarded by the President of the Federal Republic, usually by executive order or proclaimation, for those who have made an impact on the nation's society, whether through culture, peace, public interest (significant or private). This medal can honor citizens and the impacts they make on us at home. This is the highest ranking civil and military award to date.

Kobe Bryant and Gianna Bryant, with distinction. (also posthumously awarded citizenship.)

Congressional Ribbon of Unity - Awarded by the House of Commons for citizens and foreigners who unite the people or promote good welfare through sacrifice of material or life. Recipients are members of the Order of Unification.

John McCain

Dennis Skinner

Malcolm X

Jesse Ventura