Federal Republic of Vothestan

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Federal Republic of Vothestan
República Federal do Vothestan
Coat of Arms of Federal Republic of Vothestan
Coat of Arms
Motto: Justiça, Força, Lealdade
Justice, Strength, Loyalty
Largest StatePaledena
Official languagesPortuguese
Recognised national languagesEnglish
GovernmentFederal Presidential Republic with an Executive President under a Provisional Government
• President
Luke of Vothestan
• Vice President
• Chamber Speaker
Chamber of Deputies
• Founded
2 July 2022
• 2022 estimate
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy

The Federal Republic of Vothestan, commonly referred to as Vothestan, is a developing micronation. Acomery is the capital and largest city. Paledena is the largest state.



The Federal Republic of Vothestan was founded on 2 July 2022 by the first President, Luke of Vothestan. He was inspired to found the nation after researching micronationalism and wanting to engage in the community. As well as this he wanted to be able to create a successful successionist micronation and become an influential micronational leader to help contribute to the community.

Government and Politics

Presidency and Vice Presidency

As an executive President, the president holds authority over the national governance unlike in some semi-presidential systems. The President of Vothestan may rule by legislating executive decrees without the direction or approval from parliament. However to keep the nation as democratic as possible the President typically proposes any bills to the federal government to discuss and debate. The President is appointed by election.

The President is aided by the Vice President of Vothestan, who has right to succeed the presidency in instances of impeachment or a resignation. The Vice President also chairs the Senate in the Federal Government. The Vice President is appointed by the President.


The national parliament forms the bulk of the federal government. It consists of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate.

The Chamber of Deputies, being the primary and lower house of the parliament, sees the majority of the legislative process within the republic. The Senate, the upper house, helps keep the chamber of deputies and the President in check. The senate may also have bills presented to it and debated, being chaired by the Vice President.

Both houses of parliament may legislate independently of each other but typically work with together to help keep the government working efficiently and effectively.

Council of Ministers

The Council of Ministers is the body of people appointed to ministerial roles by the President. Each member has a specific role and a specific set of duties and responsibility to the President. The council is chaired by the President and Vice Presidents also belong to the council.


Defence of the Federal Republic is primarily overseen by the Ministry of National Defence and may also be influenced by decisions of the Ministry of Internal Administration.

The President is also the commander-in-chief of any armed forces that are established within the federal republic.


Voshestani culture is primarily inspired by Western Culture. The federal republic's culture is largely similar to that of the United State's, UK's and Portugal's.

National culture includes the national sports of martial arts (primarily Brazilian Jujitsu) and football. There is no official state religion but the population are free to practice religion. Music also contributes a large part to national culture.

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