Federal Socialist Republic of North Northenden

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Federal Social Republic of North Northenden
Gogledd Northenden (Welsh)
Northenden (English)
Flag of Federal Socialist Republic of North Northenden

Coat of arms
Motto: "Pax, Stabilitas"
"Peace, Stability"
Anthem: On the banks of the Great Mersey.
Location of Federal Socialist Republic of North Northenden
CapitalCentral City
Largest cityRiverside
Official languagesEnglish (de-facto)
Ethnic groups
94% White
5% Black
1% Asian
Christianity (de-facto)
GovernmentDemocratic socialist federal constitutional republic
Sam Brooks
• First Minister of Llanfair and Ruthin Exclave
Robbie Brooks
• State Commander of the State Of East Didsbury
Amare Adeboye
LegislatureSupreme Council of North Northenden
People's Assembly
National Senate of North Northenden
22 August 2022
28 September 2022
31 October 2022
8 September 2022
15 October 2022
• Total
190.29 km2 (73.47 sq mi)
• 2022 estimate
• Density
19.09/km2 (49.4/sq mi)
CurrencyNorth Northenden Pound (NNP)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy

The Republic of North Northenden, officially the Federal Social Republic of North Northenden or simply just Northenden, is a landlocked federal socialist republic and union of dependent territories located across the South Manchester and North Wales Area. The country is home to over 5,000 people and is seen as the largest micronation in South Manchester.

The nation has had a short history, with the nation being created on 22 August 2022, but since then it has risen to become one of the most prominent micronations in South Manchester. Because of this prominence it has gained a reputation for being largely violent in its actions to protect itself, including the Annexation of East Didsbury which was the result of the failing of relations between another micronation that was established in South Manchester in 2022.

Leadership in the Republic tends to remain the same, since 22 August 2022, the nations incumbent Chancellor, has been in power most of the nations history except for a period in 2022, when relations in the Democratic Social Party fell to an all time low, when Former War Minister Allan Phillips resigned and Chancellor Sam Brooks had to take in the role. Because of this, many have criticized the nations actions in having a very unorganised state, but many in high levels of government have dismissed this.

The Republic of North Northenden has also been a major supporter of Micronationalism in United Kingdom and in 2022 founded the United Micronations Defence Organisation. In July 2022 aided in the establishment of a new Micronational organisation, known as The South Manchester Micronational alliance. The nation is also a strong advocate of socialism and republicanism in the UK and is often critical of the Conservative Party, however it does still hold very strong ties to the nation.

The Republic of North Northenden is a socialist state, and therefore does not indulge in any capitalistic ideas.

The Republic is also a member of other groups and organizations around the Manchester Micronational Area, these include, the Commonwealth of Manchester Micronations and the Wythenshawe, Stockport and Didsbury annexation Program.


Transport in the North Northenden and Didsbury area is served by bus and metro.

A taxi service is run every day via telephone.

Landmarks and Areas to see

The Heron Portal is the main meeting point of the government on weekdays. It is also known as the penny sculpture.

Palatine Road in Central City is home to the shopfront and transport hub in North Northenden. It has a bus link to East Didsbury via metro.

The Northendenian States include:





•St Wilfreds and East Northenden

•East Didsbury

The Northendenian Exclaves are:

•Llanfair and Ruthin

•Holyhead and Treaddur Bay

•Mold Town

•Pwllglas Village


The country uses the NNP or Pound. This is divided into 100 pence per pound. The current banknotes are:






Pound Banknotes

Members of the Supreme Council

Louie Chadwick- War Minister

George Davies Finch- Aviation Minister

Louie Carefoot- Supreme Officer Of the NNPA

Seren Brooks- 3rd Minister

Zander Brooks- 4th Minister

Amare Adeboye- Minister for Justice


North Northenden was born out of the Ashes of another micronation. The Mersey territories. North Northenden grew by annexing areas of land in South Manchester and taking the as part of the United Micronations Defence Organisation.

Annexed areas include East Didsbury, Parrs Wood and Part of Gatley.

The Great inter-party war was on the 7 October 2022, and involved 2 parties, the Democratic Socialists and the National Reunification party.

Military services

North Northenden is served by the North Northenden People's Army and the Children's battalion.

The North Northenden Air force is one of the most skilled and precise air force in the Whole of the Manchester Micronational alliance. It comprises of,

•24 678 light bombers

•10 98j Exodus automated Kamikaze drones

•1 amazon 233 javelin missile

Foreign relations

North Northenden established its first micronational informal relations with Molossia in September 2022.