Federal States of Nairos

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The Federal States of Nairos, Also known as simply F.S. Nairos, is a British/Irish Micronation that is located in Mayo, Republic of Ireland and London, United Kingdom which was established in and declared independence on the 17th of March, 2020. The official languages that are spoken in the country are considered to be English and Irish Gaelic, our nation uses the Nairos Dollar or NDR as currency, it's current government system is considered to be a Federal Democratic Republic. With has a total population of 4 and its capital is Phoenix.

Our national website: fsngov.co

Declaration of Independence

Our nation declared independence in March 2020. Our provisional government was formed on this day consisting of only the nations president.


Flags of the states of the Federal States of Nairos
Flag Name Ruler Population
Capital State
Phoenix State Flag.png
Phoenix State Provisionally

President Bradley Morrissey

Jackson State Flag.png
Jackson State Provisionally

President Bradley Morrissey


Days of Celebration

Days of celebration in the Federal States of Nairos
Holiday Date Meaning
National Holidays
Presidents Day 8 February The birthday of the first president of our nation.
Independence Day 17 March The day that our nation declared independence.
Phoenix Day 20 March The day our capital state was declared.
World Holidays
Christmas Day 25 December Christmas day
New Years Day 1 January New years day

Presidents of our Nation

Presidential Number Name Date of Birth Date of Election
1st President Bradley Morrissey 8 February 2002 17 March 2020

Upon independence of our nation.