Federation of East Michigan

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Federation of East Michigan
Flag of East Michigan
CapitalSt. Annasberg
Demonym(s)East Michigander
GovernmentFederal Republic
• President
Dominick A.

The Federation of East Michigan was a federal republic lead by Dominick A. who served as its president throughout its entire existence. Information about East Michigan itself is extremely sparse, as little info was archived about the nation whatsoever. Most info about the nation itself comes from archived discord servers. It probably dissolved in early 2020.


The name East Michigan comes from the fact that the micronation was located in the eastern region of Michigan.


It is unknown when East Michigan was initially founded. East Michigan participated in a number of wars including:

East Michigan also founded the League of Mutual Defense and Trade, afterwhich the Vanguard League was formed in de-facto opposition to the LMDT.


East Michigan had a military totaling to 14 enlisted men.

Military Units

  • 1st Polish Infantry Regiment: 7 enlisted
  • 1st German-French-Italian Infantry Regiment: 4 enlisted
  • Minsk Defense Force: 3 enlisted