Federal Dynasty of Gorthia

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Federal Dynasty of Gorthia
Famjuna Blodast o Goveyisyia
Flag of Federal Dynasty of Gorthia
Coat of Arms of the Gorthian Federation .png
Coat of arms
"For the freedom of our people!"
"Faň thličt tsænam o ouys unatdad!"
"Mercian Hegemony"
"Bornalan vamla"
CapitalCzuk State
Other languagesEnglish
Ethnic groups
GovernmentFederal Dynasty
• Dynast
Dylan Czuk
• Prime Minister
Alex L.
LegislatureFederal Assembly
Independence from the United Kingdom
• Founding
5 July 2021
• Estimate
CurrencyPound Sterling (GBP)
Time zoneGMT
Calling code+44
Discord server:

The Federal Dynasty of Gorthia (Gorthik: Famjuna Blodast o Goveyisyia), commonly referred to as Gorthia, is a micronation located in Northamptonshire, United Kingdom. It was founded on 5 July 2021 by Dylan Czuk, who serves as the micronation's first Dynast.

State Wiki Links

Czuk State

Creason State of Greenleigh

Catholic State Of Gorth




National Holidays

Name Date Notes
New Year's Day January 1st The first day of the Gregorian year.
Dynast Day February 5th Birthday of Dynasty Dylan Czuk. A day to celebrate the Dynasty in Gorthia.
Military Celebration February 29th - March 3rd Dedicated to appreciating the Gorthian military.
International Women's Day March 8th Celebration of respect, appreciation, and love towards women.
Gorthday July 5th The day Gorthia was born.
Ukrainian Independence Day August 24th The Independence of Ukraine.
Victory Day September 22nd A holiday to celebrate the Victory against the Anarchist Gorthian civil war.
Ethom Day October 15th A day to remember the collapse of our first ally Ethom.
Halloween October 31st The traditional celebration of Halloween.
International Men's Day November 19th A day dedicated to love, affection, and appreciation towards men.
Christmas December 25th Traditional commemoration of Jesus Christ's birthday.
New Year's Eve December 31st The final day of the Gregorian year.


Foreign Relations

Gorthia holds diplomacy with: (These nations are also recognised)

Gorthia Recognizes:

Gorthia Condemns:

  • Northamptonian Anarchists (Modern Akuvans)
  • All member states of Westphalia Union (WU)
  • United Socialist Republics
  • Akuva (Anarchist rebellion in Gorthia)
  • Belarus
  • Transinistria

The history of Gorthia

Gorthian (G.O.R.T.H at the time) was founded on 5 July 2021 with the area being 0.5 kilometers.

Following it's foundation, G.O.R.T.H expanded again to an extent of 0.14 kilometers. Around a week later, G.O.R.T.H sent letters to people across Northampton about the new micronation, inviting them to join the nation.

The first nation that joined was "Nor" (modern day Catholic State of Gorth) and many others followed over the next few weeks.

Around the same time, the micronation officially changed the name and the flag, the new name was Gorth and the flag was changed into the first orange, black and white tri-colour.

A few weeks after, the micronation discovered the Micronational community via the Empire of Aeternia. The Influence of Gorth was growing and the micronation helped a micronation to be created, Ethom (modern day Polstowia).

Nothing much happened after, until 15 September 2021, when Ethom collapsed. At around mid-December 2021, Gorth offered to occupy Ethoms lands until they could emerge back on their feet again.

Ethom returned at the beginning of January 2022 and influenced Karnidid to become a micronation. To bring the nation's together, Gorth created an alliance named The Gorthian Pact, Ethom and Karnidid joined the alliance.

At around the beginning of March 2022, alot of things happened with Gorth, such as meeting nations like Huntia and formation of the Gorthian Pact.

Gorth then changed their name to the Gorthian Federation and changed their flag to an un-even tri-colour of a darker orange, black and white.

Gorthia started getting popular among the community and that caused many wars and conflicts such as the Cristorian-Huntian War.

Following the conflicts, the Gorthian influence was at a all time high and the Federation created many puppets and colonies.

In Summer of 2022, the Gorthian Federation had declared themselves as a dynasty, with Dylan Jwanczuk being the Dynast.

A conflict that still affects the Gorthian Federation today sparked, one of Gorth's Allies betrayed them and attacked them. They were in conflict for roughly 3 weeks until the Gorthian Federation surrendered because they were leaking information about the Dynast and his friends.

By late September 2022, Gorthia united with the micronation of Agaria making Gorthia extremely powerful.

Not long after, a nation named Avyonia was formed next to the Gorthian Federation and we became close Allies.

Early October 2022, Gorthian had a few anarchist civil wars and Gorthia won them all.

5 November 2022 was an extremely eventful day with Avyonia revealing themselves as Demhir, Gorthia withdrawing from the majority of their territory, people leaving the Gorthian government, Fascism rising in Gorthia, Salvationist Gorth forming into Blue Gorth and a few minor things.

On 20 November 2022, the Gorthian Federation declared a new flag.


Nothing much happened until late January when the Syndicate nations of prosperity declared the 2nd anti Gorthalist war at approximately 2am (GMT) so nobody would realise. Although Dylan Czuk, The leader of spar and Demhir (Aka. Charlisby) were all there and experienced SNOPs attack on the Gorthian discord server. This made the Gorthian government furious and would not tolerate this. The Gorthian Federation became a far right Empire and multiple nations joined the empire, such as: Spar, Kalerenia,MxV, Oviar, Hirletsja, Balearia and Ezransa. Once everyone woke up in the morning they discovered what happened and started choosing sides. Nations like Polstowia decided to become neutral whilst also working with SNOP. This made the Gorthians feel betrayed, Their oldest ally joined a war against them. The Gorthian Federation responded with anti-Polstowian propaganda and threats of a Gorthian invasion. This war "Changed the course of the community" says multiple nations. After the war, The Dynast of Gorthia was considering "leaving for good" because of how many allies the Gorthians have lost.

The redemption Period (April - June 2023)

The Dynast of Gorthia demanded a second major reform for the Gorthian Federation.

Here's the changes:

  • New flag
  • New name
  • New anthem
  • New leader
  • New coat of arms
  • Scrapped previous political parties
  • Created new political parties
  • New social media
  • Stronger ties with nations
  • New pacifist policy
  • Increased realism
  • Increased professionalism
  • More contributions
  • Gorthian socialist party (GSP) in power
  • upgraded military
  • Stronger government
  • More to come


Gorth's first official war started around late-March with Gorth defending Huntia against Narcon, a nation within Canada.

Not long after that the Gorthian Federation created a right winged ideology named Gorthalism, a massive war among the community took place in April to August 2022, more commonly known as the Anti-Gorthalist War.

The Gorthian Federation almost collapsed twice in that conflict but around late August, Gorth became strong allies with the Kingdom of Cristoria, a micronation within the United States.

A little over a month later, Huntia's leader, Cameron Clark, began to become extremely Xenophobic, Racist and made horrible remarks to the leaders of Gorth and Cristoria and leaked information about them, such as their faces, etc.

Huntia then collapsed and was longer seen within the micronational community, it was labeled as a victory for Gorthia and Cristoria.

Throughout Gorthia's history there have been many more conflicts with little knowledge or recognision as a conflict. A recent example of one of these conflicts was the war between Gorthia and The Union Of Manspole.

During the spring of 2023, tensions were high with the Seigneurie and TONDO. TONDO were making threats to the Seigneurial nations expecting no response. Although on the 2nd of May, Gorthia put their foot down and would not tolerate anymore threats. The Gorthian Federation finally formed the Gorthian Confederacy (after 2 years of waiting for the perfect time) and made the following statement: "The Gorthian Confederacy declares war on the following nations: Westphalian Union,Oviar,Bedland,Woodland,Mxv. This is revenge." This move shocked the community and many nations including Seigneurial nations joined the war. All of the enemies surrendered in the first 5 days except Bedland that white peaced.


Climate data for the Gorthian Federation
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) 7
Average low °C (°F) 2
Average Precipitation cm (inches) 4.51
Source: Weather.msn.com

National Symbols

National symbols help contribute to Gorthia's unique character as a micronation.

National Dish

Gorthia's current national dish is Chili con carne, a delicious spicy stew which includes chili peppers. The place of origin of this dish is Mexico and southern Texas.

National Animal

Gorthia's national animal is a Turkey, an animal native to North America (continent). Turkeys were also transported to Great Britain, meaning Turkeys do exist within Gorthia's parenting country, the United Kingdom.

National Sport

Gorthia's national sport is currently Kickboxing, a sport focusing on kicking and punching. The country of origin is unknown, but it may be Prehistoric.


Gorthia Throughout it's history has gained a large influence on the micronation community. The Gorthian Federation had imperial ideologies unill they announced the collapse of Gorthalism on the 20th of February 2023. Gorthalism was replaced with 'Pan-Gorthalism' culture so that Gorthian nations can have more freedom with ideology and not having to depend on the Gorthian Dynasty. Many nations thought of this as a good thing but others want to bring it back.

List Of Pan-Gorthain States

  • Gorthian Federation
  • Kalerania
  • Ezbania
  • Sparai United Confederation
  • Balearia(Puppet of Gorthia)
  • Kingdom Of Communist Gorthia
  • Hiretshja
  • Gorthian Crete
  • Gorthian Deustchaland
  • Gorthian Stewart Islands
  • Ezransa (Puppet of Gorthia)


The flag of the pan-Gorthian culture

Former Micronations That Identified As Pan-Gorthian

  • Gerenshire Republic
  • Andourian Federation
  • Republic Of Dorreland
  • Federation Of Soros
  • Gretisches
  • Republic Of The Sun
  • Gorthalist State of Izaria