Federation of Korolev

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Federation of Korolev




Motto: Forward, To freedom!
Musical Anthem: Hey Korolev!
Type of entity: Micronation
Location: Canada
Area claimed: Karantania and Korolev
Membership: 25 (2006)
Date of foundation: 10 December, 2006
Leadership: President Blazej Franciszek
Purported organisational structure: Federated Republic with one SAR
Language: English
Purported currency: Unaro


The Federation of Korolev was founded on 12 December 2006 after an agreement was signed between the Republic of Korolev and the Acadame North overseas territory of Karantania.


Korolev was founded on 12 November 2006 by President Blazej Franciszek. The Republic of Korolev was a Military Junta with goals of eventually claiming the Northern Artic Area from the capital of the nation (located in Southern Canada).

On December 1, 2006 the Republic of Korolev was turned into the Federation of Korolev, after the Karantania agreement was signed at the Kirov conference which lasted from November 26-November 30.

Shorly after the Federation of Korolev was formed it joined the Union of North American Micronations and adapted the Unaro (the Currency of UNAM) as its currency.


Korolev is a Federation but with Special Status, at times the Federation of Korolev was called a Acadame North Satellite State which is denied by the government of Korolev. Although the Governments have no official connection they are both members of the Union of North American Micronations and ISAF (Independent States Allied Forces). Also, Acadame North's government still appoints the head of Karantania just as it did in the late 1990's. Also Korolev is ruled by a Party which branches off from the Acadame North CPAN (Communist Party of Acadame North) which is the CPK (Communist Party of Korolev).

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