Federation of Subejo

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Federation of Subejo
Persekutuan Tanah Subejo (Malay)
Flag of Federation of Subejo
Coat of arms of Federation of Subejo
Coat of arms
CapitalBandar Diraja
GovernmentFederal constitutional monarchy (de jure)
Absolute monarchy (de facto)
• 1800
Sultan Al-Badir ibn Almahrum Sultan Subejia Pertama Al-Putra Badawitir (first)
• 1903–1905
Sultan Putra Subejo ibn Almahrum Subejo Muhammad
• 1905–1909
Sultan Muhammad Al-Qaseh Razif ibn Almahrum Abdul Aziz Rahman Nik Razif Razak
• 1909–1914
Sultan Rizki Rosli Zakaria ibn Almahrum Subejo Muhammad VIII
• 1914–1915
Sultan Muhammad Salleh ibn Almahrum Sultan Rizki Rosli Zakaria
• 1915–1925
Sultan Zakaria Zainal Abdullah ibn Almahrum Sultan Muhammad Salleh
• 1925–1939
Sultan Al-Rahman Abdul Razak ibn Almahrum Sultan Zakaria Zainal Abdullah (last)
• Established
• Disputed between Sultans
8 December 1941
Preceded by
Succeeded by
British Malaya
Japanese occupation of Subejo
Today part ofDemocratic Republic of Subejia

The Federation of Subejo (Malay: Persekutuan Tanah Subejo) was a federation of what previously had been British Malaya that existed from 1800 to December 1939.[a] The Federation became independent on unspecified date in 1800, and in 1941, Empire of Japan conquered the federation.


The federation was established by Sultan Al-Badir and priorly was a village called Kampong Subejo. The last king of the Federation was Sultan Al-Rahman Abdul Razak while the federation seems to be dissolved.[b]


The government of the Federation of Subejo was headed by Sultan. Each states has its own Sultan and the first Sultan of the federation was Sultan Al-Badir. The government also has Chief Minister that is established in 1920.

The Second World War (1941-1945)

Japan invaded Subejo on December 1941 while the government has been a power vacuum.[b] Raja Sasuke and his army attacked Subejo and government has been restored by Japan.


  1. It was established before British Malaya was formed.
  2. 2.0 2.1 There is a conflict between states and also the federation dissolved before World War II happened.