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The Fesmarian Union
The Fesmarian Empire
Brodtredh (Cornish and Breton)
Ceiltigh-Nua (Irish)
Ceiltich ùra (Scots Gaelic)
Celtiai (Welsh)
Flag of Fesmar
Coat of arms of Fesmar
Coat of arms
Motto: "Brotredh Unys"
"Fesmar United"
Official languagesEnglish (de facto and de jure)
Scots Gaelic
Manx (all de jure)
GovernmentUnitary Semi Absolute Monarchy
• Sovereign
Anna I 'Morwenna' Fydtroust
Catalina, 3rd Archduchess of Trelawny
Sean O'Neill, 1st Prince of Ulster
LegislatureImperial Fesmarian Senate
Establishment6 March 2018
• Declaration of Independence
6 March 2018
• Establishment of Fesmar-Trelawny
1 August 2018
• Modern Fesmarian State Created
23 April 2022
• Restoration of the Monarchy
30 December 2022
• Total
22,366 km2 (8,636 sq mi)
CurrencyFoon (official)
Pound sterling (unofficial)
Time zoneGMT
Driving sideleft
Right (in Breizh)

Fesmar, is a self-declared, unrecognized country with holdings across Cornwall, England and Ireland. The largest population centre, Penzance (the Capital of the Union) has access to both the Atlantic ocean through the English channel. Fesmar maintains international borders with a single country, that being the United Kingdom.

The territory of Fesmar has been inhabited since the Palaeolithic era after the last ice age. It was during the British Iron Age that the area was inhabited by Cetic tribes known collectively as the Celts. Fesmar declared independence from the United Kingdom on the twelfth of March 2018 as the Kingdom of Fesmar, although it has experienced a number of issues domestically as well as abroad being reorganized several times until the creation of the modern Fesmarian Government in 2022.

The modern Fesmarian state was founded on 23 April 2022 with the Act of Union between various Celtic micronations, in Late December 2022 Fesmar transformed from a socialist micronation to a monarchical one while still retaining most of the laws of the UFSR. For more about that period of history see Union of Fesmarian Socialist Republics.

The modern Fesmarian state has also had multiple different names they include:

  • The Union (only internally)
  • The Fesmarian Union
  • The Fesmarian Empire[1]
  • The Union of Fesmarian Federated States
  • UFFS (Union of Fesmarian Federated States)
  • FUFS (Fesmarian Union of Federated States)
  • or Fesmar[2]

However in March 2023, a law disbanded all the Federated States in Fesmar making the legal names which mention them legally dubious. De facto they are not used however no law currently exists disallowing their use.


The name Fesmar does not exist in any Celtic language or as a description of a place, rather it was an artificially generated name. However, the more accurate name is Brodtredh which is used by both Cornish and Breton Speakers, a contraction of the Cornish "bro tredh Truru ha Pennsans" or in English, "Land Between Truro and Penzance" which is the region where Fesmar is located. A more formal description of the state is "Emperoureth kernewek genys orth Pennsans" or in English "Cornish empire born of Penzance". Other languages maintain different names for Fesmar, in Irish Gaelic the name is "Ceiltigh-Nua" translating as New Celts, this the same translation as in Scots Gaelic "Ceiltich ùra". The Welsh term for Fesmar is "Celtiai" which roughly translates to Celts



The Government of Fesmar is split between the authority of the Empress and the Authority of the Senate. According to modern Fesmarian law the Senate is mostly subservient to the Empress except in matters of the succession. Any legislation passed by the Senate must be confirmed via Imperial Edict to hold any force of law.

Empress of Fesmar
Ann III 'Morwenna' Fydtroust-Tremberth
StyleHer Majesty
First monarchLewis I 'David' Tremberth
Formation17 March 2018

The Imperial Monarchy of Fesmar

The Imperial Monarchy of Fesmar is the primary government body within the Union. They wield virtually absolute authority over the Union. The monarchy was created on 17 March 2018 presumably in the aftermath of the Fesmarian-Speentown & Spingleton War. The initial monarchy was disbanded in the aftermath of the Continuation War on 1 May 2018 but was revived on 1 August 2018 when Kenneth II was proclaimed Emperor during the Fesmarian Civil War. The monarchy has been notoriously unstable going through various titles before the creation of 'Modern Fesmar'.

The title was revived in Modern Fesmar on 30 May 2022 whenever then General Chancellor Catalina C. granted Morwenna Fydtroust the right to use the title 'Her Imperial Grace, Empress of Fesmar'. The title was declared dormant on 9 October 2022 whenever Morwenna left Fesmar's discord server. Following the Constitutional Reforms of December 2022, the Fesmarian Monarchy was restored within the new legal frameworks of Fesmar. Drawing from the authority initially granted to the President in the Act of Union including full rights to make laws and being the sole power to amend the Constitution (Act of Union) although they need the consent of all Federated States in order to preform that action. Although due to the disbandment of the Federated States they now have free reign to amend the Act of Union as they see fit.

The role of Monarch is not hereditary and according to the Senate Decree on the Restoration of the Fesmarian Monarchy the Senate and Monarch must agree on an heir the Archduchess of Trelawny. At the current time, Catalina C. has become the de facto Archduchess having been confirmed in such a role but has not been confirmed by the Senate. If the reign of the current Monarch is to end before such an action is taken, the First Senator of the Imperial Senate will become Regent before the election of a new Monarch can begin. Realistically Catalina has emerged as the only realistic choice to succeed the incumbent Monarch.

List of Fesmarian Monarchs

Non-Monarchical Heads of State in Italics. Due to the lack of sources before the creation of Modern Fesmar this list will naturally lack some heads of state before April 2022. Numerals in brackets are used to show non-consecutive reigns.

Title Regnal Name Reign Begin Reign End Reign Length
Unknown Head of State of the Fesmarian Socialist Republic Unknown
Emperor of Fesmar Lewis I 'David' 17 March 2018 19 March 2018 3 days
Lewis II 17 March 2018 30 April 2018 44 days
Emperor of Fesmar Kenneth I Fydtroust 19 March 2018 26 April 2018 40 days
Unknown Ruler Unknown 30 April 2018 1 May 2018 1 days
No Ruler N/A 1 May 2018 Early July 2018 c. 1 Month
Dictator of the Fesmarian Nationalistic Republic Beniso Amadeus Aquilla Early July 2018 30 August 2018* c. 1 Month
Emperor of Fesmar-Trelawny Kenneth II Fydtroust 1 August 2018 30 August 2018 29 days
Kenneth III Fydtroust (I) 30 August 2018 c. 19 July 2019 c. 323 days
Emperor of Fesmar-Belgacia
Unknown Unknown c. 19 July 2019 Late 2019 Unknown
President of the Fesmarian Republic Kenneth Fydtroust (II) Late 2019 March 2020 Unknown
Emperor of Fesmar Kenneth IV ** (III) Before 12 August 2021 17 August 2019 Minimum 5 days
President of Fesmar Kenneth Fydtroust (IV) 17 August 2019 26 August 2019 9 days
King of Fesmar Kenneth IV ** (V) 26 August 2019 28 August 2019 2 days
Unknown Head of State of the Kernowyn People's Republic Probably Kenneth Fydtroust(?) 28 August 2019 12 September 2019 15 days
King of Belgica and Fesmar Kenneth I** (V) 12 September 2019 Unknown Unknown
Emperor of Fesmar-Belgica Kenneth Chapman-Fydtroust (VI) 7 May 2020 25 June 2020 c. 1 month
General Secretary of the Fesmarian Democratic Republic Kenneth Fydtroust (VII) 25 June 2020 26th July 2020 31 days
Kingdom of Fesmar Kenneth I** (VIII) 26 July 2020 12 August 2020 14 days
Unknown Head of State of the Falangist Republic of Fesmar Unknown 12 August 2020 21 August 2020 9 days
Consul of the Second Fesmarian Republic Kenneth Fydtroust (IX) 21 August 2020 6 September 2020 16 days
Iggy Hockenheim
Emperor of Fesmar Kenneth Fydtroust 6 September 2020
King of Fesmar Kenneth III Fydtroust Before January 22 2021 9 April 2021 Minimum 77 days
Queen of Fesmar Katherine I Fydtroust*** 9 April 2021 9 June 2021 61 days
Empress of Fesmar Morwenna I Fydtroust*** 9 June 2021 23 April 2022 351 days
General Chancellor of the Union of Fesmarian Socialist Republics Morwenna Fydtroust*** 23 April 2022 5 May 2022 14 days
Janusz Mazanek 5 May 2022 19 May 2022 14 days
General Chancellor of the Union of Fesmarian Socialist Republics Catalina C. 19 May 2022 31 December 2022 226 days
Premier of the Union of Fesmarian Socialist Republics
President of the Union of Fesmarian Socialist Republics
Head of the Union of Fesmarian Socialist Republics
Empress of Fesmar Anna I 'Morwenna' Fydtroust*** 30 December 2022 Incumbent Ongoing

* In competition with Kenneth II during the Fesmarian Civil War.

** Most likely Kenneth III under a different regnal numbers. Across their reign, Kenneth Fydtroust used inconsistent regnal numbering.
** Same sovereign, under different regnal names


The Economy of Fesmar is practically non-existent due to previous political crises and government instability which resulted in the loss of the economically wealthy regions of Fesmar. Prior to the restoration of the Monarchy Fesmar formally used a Planned economy but such a system was never implemented however after the restoration of the Monarchy, such a system was never formally repealed. In 2021 the Fesmarian Senate passed the "The Banknotes Act 2021" formally creating a Fesmarian monetary system with 1, 2, 5, 10, 50 pound denominations however such a system was never enforced. Further attempts at creating a Fesmarian economic system were attempted during the brief Mazanek Chancellorship but was likewise never implemented. Furthermore,

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