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Types of government

Feudalism is a form of monarchy in which the monarch grants their land to a number of subordinate nobility. In many cases the nobles themselves divide their lands among lesser-nobles. This can cause decentralization to the point where it becomes difficult to unite towards a common cause. On the other hand Feudalism can be an effective way of administering a nation because of the specific areas the nobility can concentrate on.

Feudalism in micronations

Feudalism is the government-style of choice of Shireroth. It has undergone several changes, the most recent being the New Feudalism decree by Kaiser Yarad I and undergoing changes by Kaiseress Semisa I. Previous incarnations were usually managed with reworkings of the Feudal Holdings Act, but other modifications (like the Duchy Reorganization Act) have occurred throughout the ages.

Feudalism is also the style of choice in the Feudal kingdom of the Chuntaro Clan.

The Kingdom of Edan uses a modified form of Feudalism that includes technological infrastructure as well as land as part of, or the basis of, a fiefdom. Combined with the form of Distributism practiced in Edan, the system is called Feudal Technocratic Distributism.

The Kingdom of Coleraine uses a form of Feudalism as the foundation for its Constitution.

The Decracy of Yunivers uses a revised and democratic feudalism, with an elective nature.

The Kingdom of Verona uses traditional Feudalism as a foundation of its constitution.

The Yama no ma Shogunate uses a feudalist system based on clans which controls territory of the shogunate.

The Feudalist Kingdom of Linn-Benton uses a modern version of Feudalism alongside a constitution that grants basic human rights.