Finance Ministry (Pacem)

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Finance Ministry
Ministry overview
Formed10 July 2020
Jurisdiction Pacem
Minister responsible

The Finance Ministry is the cabinet-level ministry responsible for managing the Central Imperial Bank and manage the economics of the State of Pacem and is headed by the Chancellor. The ministry was established following the passage of the 2020 Constitution on 10 July 2020, with Nicholas Kaos being the inaugural minister, being appointed 27 July 2020 following the 2020 I executive election.


The Chancellor is responsible for:

  • Controlling interest rates
  • Controlling circulation
  • Controlling inflation
  • Managing the value of the Imperil


Name Party Image Term of office Government Monarch
Vacant 10–27 July 2020 None Nicholas I
Nicholas I WAA 27 July 2020 Incumbent Munroe I
Reign None